Events History Saving Downloading

Subscribed to Complete Motion Capture and Events are going to my IPhone, no SD cards in devices, Assumed my phone events history was ongoing however it appears it only keeps 14 days. Is there anyway to go back further from my phone or the cloud or are the past events lost or automatically deleting from my phone after 14 days?

Welcome to the Wyze community Quinner. Your Events are not stored on your phone, they are stored in the cloud for 14 days. When you view an Event, you are pulling the video from the cloud. There is no way to recover cloud Events older than 14 days. To store a cloud Event for safekeeping on your phone, you click the download icon while viewing a cloud Event. You can learn more about Events in the Product and App Support section of the Wyze website:

If you install an SD card in your cam, you can set your cam to record as many Events and for as long of a period as the cam’s SD card capacity allows. Once the card is full, a new Event automatically overwrites the oldest Event. This local storage on an SD card is in addition to and independent of cloud storage. You can also set your cam to continuously write to the SD card.