I'm able to rewind in the app to dates older than what are saved on my SD card

There are some videos I’d like to save from months back, and when I go in the app I can see them and manually record specific moments. This is pretty tedious, though so I was wondering where these videos are even saved so that I can just save everything recorded on those days enmasse. Does anyone know where they’re saved to? I have an SD card in my camera, but the dates only go back to 2 weeks ago, while in the app I can go back to late June.

Event videos and SD card recordings are two separate things.

When any of the Event detection types are turned on, your Wyze Cam will automatically record a 12-second Event video that is saved to the Cloud. These Event videos can be viewed for up to 14 days in the Events tab of the Wyze App. After 14 days, Event videos are deleted and cannot be recovered.