SD card cannot record

I have 2 cameras with sd cards. They are both full and cannot record anymore to the camera.
When I click playback and go to the timeline, the only videos there are from a month back. But I know there are more recent recordings because there are 12 seconds clips on the cloud.

I was under the impression that the camera deletes old recordings when you get the sd card full. Is that not the case?

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That is the case if working properly. The cloud recordings will delete after 14 days (the ones in the event window). The SD recordings will delete when card is full which will vary based on size of card, whether you have it recording continuous or events only. I would double check that you have the SD recording turned on and if so maybe remove it and put it in another cam or the computer and see if it has any issues.

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Yes, it sounds like your card may have stopped recording a month ago. As Jason mentioned, the 12 second clips are separate and to the cloud, not the card.