Delete more than 20 recordings at a time

Is there anyway to delete a days worth of videos instead of 20 at a time from the SD card?

Where are you deleting them, from the sound of it you may be deleting cloud events. Can you walk me through the steps you currently take?


The only way to delete recordings from the SD card is to format the entire card.

Go to settings → advanced settings → Manage Microsd card → Format

Otherwise, like Jason said above, you are probably deleting cloud events, which are totally separate recordings and not on the SD card.


I assumed these videos are stored on the SD Card, but apparently videos are not automatically stored on the SD if it’s present?

Cloud stored videos automatically delete after 14 days. SD card auto deletes the oldest files to make room for the current files. Why do you need to manually delete videos?

Cloud and SD card storage are two different functions.

You didn’t mention what camera you are using. But if you are seeing videos in the “event tab” of the app, those are your cloud videos. If you have to press either a “SD card” or “playback” button, those are your SD card recordings.

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