Event deletion

I understand that events are stored on a cloud. That’s fine. But how can I delete all events in the app? Currently, “delete all”, only deletes all that are selected for that hour. It would take days to delete ALL. There are no important events for me to keep, at the moment. So I can save space by deleting what I don’t need. Or do I have to format the SD card?

On the Event tab, simply scroll to the bottom of the list, THEN delete all. :slight_smile:

You have to do that for every day on the calendar, tho.

Deleting these cloud events has no effect on the SD card. For that you would need to reformat the SD card (Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage SD Card > Format for most cameras). I never do that; when it runs out of space it just records over the oldest recordings.


SD card files auto delete the oldest as the SD card gets full. Since you have no Events you want to save, why not let the camera auto delete when it needs to?


You are only saving space on the Wyze Server. Space you pay for if you are paying for a subscription.

The events auto delete after 14 days. I don’t bother to delete any events since the server auto deletes them after 14 days. I have CamPlus. For any cams that have motion only recording active, I use the Event tab Filters to hide the motion events so I only see the tagged AI events.

Hey is that for everyone’s memory even with or without subscription they deleted automatically after 14 days?

This is really ridiculous they need to have a erase all button!