Erasing events?

I have 1 Pan Cam and 7 or 8 wyze cams. I have memory cards in all of them.

How do I delete ALL of the events on ALL of my cameras?

It will only let me choose 20 events at a time to delete. I have NUMEROUS months on ALL cameras

I have nothing of importance on any of the cameras and want to start fresh with different settings.

The events tab in the app does not show what is on the SDcards, it only shows what is in the cloud and that deletes after 14 days. The only way to delete more than 20 at a time is to scroll down so it shows more then do the delete process, but they self delete after 14 days.

The SDcards will overwrite themselves after they run out of room, depending on whether you have it on continuous or event only will dictate how long before it starts recording over older items/

Either way there is no need to delete things unless you truly want to, you just need to get things you want to keep before they delete.


Hi @sgtwoody27,

Following up on @WyzeJasonJ 's response, If you scroll down as far as you want ( I know you could have a lot) As you see in my image there are 140 selected for deletion. This was the only way I was able to deleted more than 20 events at a time.

Also I guess the other method would be if you have nothing of importance on the card as you stated would be to format the SD card ( its pretty quick)

Edit: this is if you have these recorded to your SD card and is what you want removed.



Thanks ALL for the replies, very helpful. Lol, I’m not the the sharpest tool in the shed at times…