More options for deleting cloud events

In Wyze Cam app, Currently it seems that you can delete only events for one day at a time.
But if I have events for the entire month and I want to delete them all, it can become very tedious.
Need the ability to delete events over specific set of days/ weeks / months or even absolutely ALL events.

Hello @tamuz123,

The events are automatically deleted from the cloud after 14 days. No need to worry about deleting the events. It’s not necessary.


Does that fix the need for this?

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Thank you. Will events recording also be removed from my storage card? (I hope not)
When do recordings deleted from my storage card?

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You’re welcome, @tamuz123

After your Sd card gets full, it loops and deletes the oldest videos first. You should always have 2 to 7 days of video recorded on the card depending on if it is set on HD or SD.


After glancing thru the existing wishlist items associated with ‘clearing events’, I’ve come to the conclusion that my request has not yet been addressed. (could be wrong though)

I have events being recorded for both sound and motion on a wyze cam v2 located at a home in the Philippines. The problem is that over a 24hr span I get hundreds of events (which is what I want) but deleting the video clips after review is difficult because during the process of deletion a text button pops up that asks ‘select all’ when you click that it selects, but far from all so I need to go thru this routine time and time again to get them all deleted… Is there a limitation associated with the ‘select all’ option and if so would you consider changing it to include ‘all’ of the clips???

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I think it’s mentioned above, but there’s a trick here to get a full day deleted at once… before selecting all, keep scrolling to the bottom until it stops loading events. (The app only loads 20 at a time to conserve data.) Once the full day are loaded, select all will select all of them and you can delete them at once.

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Wow, thank you so much I wish it were documented better, it would have saved me months of frustration.

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App needs a master switch to delete ALL events with one tab. The video deletion process is very slow with requiring 5-6 multi-repeated steps to clear all daily videos for multiple cameras. I like clearing mine out to avoid wasting storage space. I can use the 5-6 repeated steps to “select all” & delete all videos within the same group but that’s still too much. The app needs a simple option to delete all videos from all cameras at once. That would be a great tool for routine days not needing any saves.



It already has that capability and the reason you have to do it five or six times now is because wyze servers only download 20 of the clips at a time so if you want to do them all at one time scroll through all the clips then go to the delete process and you’ll only have to do that one time

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I realize that. I want one button to delete all video from every day all st once.

Sgt. Gary Goodrich, LCSW


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Thanks for sharing your suggestion about having an app feature that can delete the events per date or day!

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A nice feature would be the ability to delete all events for the entire day (instead of having to ‘select all’ multiple times to delete all events for a day).

A reminder notification option could also be added (user chooses to receive or not) to send a notification to delete all events for the day. Then user clicks yes or no depending on if they need to save vids or not.

I know I have no need for 99.9% of the videos captured by the cams to store for 14 days. Vast majority I would just delete if I didnt have to go thru 5 key strokes for each page of Events captured on any given day (‘…’ button upper right, Delete Events, Select All (for that page), Delete, Are you sure Delete) and Repeat for all pages of vids. Too much to go thru…

I’d imagine this would save on overall storage costs as well.

Steve, I agree with a lot of what you said another thought is to have a discard button on each video so that after you’ve seen it you can just hit the button and the next video will appear

Amen, just a little annoyance. Not only 5 keystrokes but also having to scroll down through all of them before selecting delete all. I can live with but I don’t like it.

Although this has been covered before I will try to explain it again when you go to events and it shows the videos scroll all the way to the bottom. That will force the cloud to download all videos to your camera at that point go to the top right corner and click on The three dots, select delete all, then go down to the left bottom corner and click on the select all after that, click the button in the right lower for delete and then finally click in the middle of the screen on the box it says to delete all. The server is set up to download only a certain number of video Clips at a time that’s why you keep going back and back and back because if you’ve got like 64 video clips it’s only going to download and allow you to delete around eight at a time

I know that. You scroll 20 wait a second for next 20 to load etc. It still is too cumbersome for me. But I live with it.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to be redundant but I didn’t know what your history was so instructions We’re obviously intended for someone with less experience than you have

No problem. I’m probably a little too sensitive since this is something that has bothered me for a long time.

Would it be possible to delete all events for a given day without having to scroll (and load) all the way down to display the entire day’s videos? With the Edit and Filter functions scrolling with the videos, the user has to scroll return to the top to access these function icons to access the ‘Select all’, then delete. If there could be a Delet all Events (for the selected day) , it would be helpful.