More options for deleting cloud events

Or, could the software be modded to include a ‘go to bottom’ button

Is it possible to delete events by day without having to keep scrolling until you have them all and then select delete all? Most days have nothing I want to look it especially if nothing happened that day, but all the motion videos are still recorded all day long and i have to scroll all the way down until all videos are showing just to say delete all.

No there isn’t another way.
Just curious, why would you want to delete the clips? They get deleted after 14 days anyway.

Paul, it’s an ongoing problem that all customers are aware of and it’s also a problem that Wyze has yet to fix. I don’t know why it should be so difficult, But as near as I can remember the program only downloads 20 videos at a time from the server and so if you got 100 of them then you’re gonna delete 20 to time another words five times. If you don’t want that hassle then you must scroll all the way to the bottom then all the way back up to the top and start the deletion process anew!

It’s a very convoluted method but for now it’s all we have.

I’m unable to select all videos for a day following the procedure posted by Big_monkey on December 19th. My version does not seem to match that described in that process. On the Events tab, I do not have three dots in the upper right corner as described in the procedure; only the filter and pin icons. When I scroll to the bottom and wait, I get no new videos to select. I can only delete 20 at a time. I have Wyze app v2.12.35.
After Reading through all of the postings in this thread I now realize that the videos are automatically deleted after 14 days so there’s really no necessity in manually deleting videos. However, I wanted to point out that the procedure to delete more than 20 videos at a time, does not work for me.

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@lynn, it would seem that it only works for iOS, I don’t know which system you have

I’m using Android 10. Seems to be a known issue. Thanks for the response.

Get to your Events page, don’t push the pen icon, scroll to the bottom of your 20 events, load another 20 events for the day by dragging the screen up and holding it for a second until you see a green spinning circle, repeat if desired for more Events, then scroll back to the top of page, press the pen icon, press Select All, press Delete at bottom right corner.

I don’t know where you go to delete cloud events. I see nowhere to select events to delete. ???

In the app, Events tab, pencil icon at the top right.
Select the Events you want to delete or Select All at the top right.
Tap Delete at the bottom right.

Currently, the only way to delete event history:

Event history can be deleted as a whole. Load all the events video in the Events tab by scrolling it down. On the upper right side of the screen, tap the pen/pencil sign to check which videos you want to delete or you can select all the loaded videos. Once videos have been selected Tap delete.

I wish there were an easier way to delete events. Something with less steps, anyway.

Mass Delete button

Need a mass delete buttonto get rid of all the unwanted videos of motion that is not important.

@dg183 You can delete a full day’s worth of events as follows:

  1. Go to the Events screen
  2. Clear any filters that may be set
  3. Select a day from the date list at the top
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of events (necessary to ensure all events are loaded)
  5. Tap the pencil icon
  6. Tap “Select All”
  7. Tap Delete, bottom right
  8. Confirm
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Bulk delete all events

Please enable a "delete all"for captured events.

Having several cameras and deleting 20 events at a time is not effective or efficient.

As an end user I want to be able to capture video in segments around my house.
When I have no events I want to capture.
Then there should be an option to “Delete All Events” button to bulk delete all captured events.

Do you say all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the list of events and then go through the delete process and it will delete all of them at one time.

But, I second your motion, it would be so easy on the event page to put a button that says “delete all”

Would be nice if Events, Select All, Delete actually deleted all the events.

It seems to me that Wyze doesn’t really respond to this issue and I don’t know why it seems like a very simple coding project.