Delete All Events Feature in App

The app only displays 20 events at a time. scrolling is not possible!!! No such thing is buffering and keep scrolling to show more events. you must delete one batch of up to 20 events and then the app refresh the page with new events.

Just slide from bottom to top to load more events, I know it’s slow but it’s working.

WYZE - please create a delete everything option!! Or to be able to select a single or multiple days and delete all of it at once would be helpful! (All of these options would be great!)

Just bought a few of the v3 cameras and it’s been 2 days and I am already irritated by how you can’t select more than 20 at a time which usually is about a min because it’s catpuring events like cars ,bugs or dust! So going through a full day to delete everything is complete waste of time. This sadly tells me that no one at Wyze actually uses their own product because they would see how time consuming this is!

Should I just reformat the SD card?

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The events you are deleting 20 at a time do not reside on the SD card, they are on the cloud. Formatting the SD card would do nothing for that. To delete more than 20 at a time you can scroll down to the bottom and it will load 20 more, after you load as many as you want you can delete all the ones you have loaded.


Ahhh ok, thanks for the info. So I’m back where I started… wanting to delete everything at once, not 20 at a time. :weary:

I do agree there is a need for an easier way to delete events. There is a #wishlist post I have linked below, you can vote for this in the upper left corner.


Same here.

My app does not have three dot at the top.

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The app has changed over the past 2.5 years. I’ll change the instructions in post to which you are replying. Tap Events icon at bottom of Wyze app home page > tap Edit (pencil icon upper right) > Select All > Delete

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Yes, it’s a pencil icon now in top right corner of “Events.” It still does not delete all. It deletes only 21 events, then you have to manually try to scroll down multiple times for it to hopefully load more to be able to delete more than 21 at a time. Or, delete 21, then delete the next 21, then the next 21. It’s extraordinarily tedious. There is no option to delete all events for a day or multiple days at once. For some reason WYZE seems to want to make it difficult to delete all events at once or simply does not care or does not possess the fairly simple programing skills to modify the app in that way.


The current tedious process is described in Post #2. Give this wishlist topic a vote to help move it from an idea to development. Adding your idea to the wishlist topic also helps. Just cut and paste your Jan 24 post as a reply to this wishlist topic:


A follow-up thought is that the simplest way to fix the issue would be for the developers to change the delete function screen to load all the videos for the 24 hour period when reviewing the events as soon as you click on a particular day -instead of only loading 21 at a time. If it loaded all the events at once then you could simply select delete all. However, the fact that it loads only 21 events at a time means you have to keep scrolling and waiting and scrolling and waiting, etc, until all the clips load before you can click delete all in order to delete in one swoop.


I wholeheartedly agrees. Seems like a simple fix to filter by week, month, year to delete all events.

And then you will want an “UNDO” button to get back all the videos you deleted by mistake :rofl: :upside_down_face:


Hi Genius,

If I wanted to view events later, I would back them up on my MicroSD!!

This is a software change. Nothing is simple, especially at Wyze. In the process they’ll break something else and you’d have to contend with months of App and firmware updates to “fix” what was not broken in the first place. If Wyze is going to fix anything I’d suggest the detection zones - which never worked for me.

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Hello Einstein,
Wonderful idea in theory, but you can’t do that in Wyze - at least not without much frustration and suffering. You have to find that section of video on the SD card and then save that. Good luck with that.

I feel like I’m missing something here. I never delete anything. I just look at the ones I want to, filter however I need to see what I want. I’m not sure why I would need to delete anything. Someone please enlighten me. Thank you!

To delete all the past events on a camera:
1/ backup every event that you might want
2/ delete the camera app
3/ add the camera back onto the app
4/ go into the settings for the camera you just added and re-enter all the preferred settings. Including the name
You will now notice that all events have been deleted
Note: this is not simply selecting the ‘reset’ button in settings. Rather, this will do as best to a ‘factory reset’ as is possible.
Doing this will also refresh the electronics, especially after a software upgrade, and help the camera to operate more efficiently

I believe the above procedure might unlink the cloud videos from the reinstalled App so they are not visible. Wouldn’t the Event videos still be on the Wyze servers until they auto delete after 14 days? Just asking in case the OP’s goal is to immediately delete all videos from the Wyze servers or just not see them in the App.