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  1. In the Wyze phone app, if you have a lot of motion events, if you want to remove them all for a whole day or a range of days, it is an arduous process of scrolling each day to get them all enumerated in the view, and then choosing to delete them.

This could be a lot easier. If there was a delete all option that had options for a date range or EVERYTHING, that would be great. I really don’t care to accrue a ton of saved events on the cloud storage.

  1. Allow settings for expiry, so that we can choose to let anything older than x days be automatically purged from the cloud storage if we want.

  2. Allow filters that pertain to motion and sound for viewing events.

Please also point me to information about your privacy policy regarding cloud storage, and regarding the secure removal of objects from your cloud storage. I would like to know what sort of deletion process you use to ensure that once a stored event on cloud is removed, it is not restorable. I would like to know that when it is gone, it is GONE.

Please respond, thank you.


Wishlist submissions (which this was originally), need to be single subject so they can be voted on individually. However, in this case, your submissions are already in the wishlist. For the first two, see this:

More options for deleting cloud events

For #3, see this:

Filter Alerts by Type (Motion, Sound, Etc.)

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Updates to Wyze's Privacy Statements - 3/27/20 - #3 by ipilot66

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For the #1, do you know that there is already a “delete all”?

For your #2, why? They already delete after 14 days. Is there a reason that you need them to delete sooner?
OK, I understand that maybe something unusual happened and you want to delete some specific clip (maybe you walked through the view of your living room camera in the buff). But for normal stuff, why bother to delete the clips at all?

For #1, I am aware. Doyou know that delete all requires scrolling through the entire day in order to delete everything? I’m suggesting that there’s an option to delete the entire day or a range of days all at once without all the scrolling. That gets arduous with multiple cameras.

For #2, because it’s my prerogative.

No, you do NOT need to scroll through them all to delete. Select Delete all.

Yes, you do. The application only loads 20 at a time. Wyze themself says the same.

@ChexInTheMail is correct, currently to delete the entire day at once you must scroll down until it does not load anymore videos then you can delete all of them. If you do the delete all before scrolling down you will only delete the most recent 20 videos.

If you do have many cameras (I think I have 12 currently running) it can be quite the task to delete them.

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it’s a question most readers are going to be curious about.
For most people wanting to delete everything isn’t something they would ever want to do.
Can you give us an example?

I don’t think it’s anybody’s business why I want to delete anything. I want the option. Some people don’t want everything in the cloud

I thought you may have had other reasons that I wasn’t thinking of.
Lots of people don’t want their personal information on the cloud. Most just don’'t do it rather than put the info out there then try to delete it.
In your case I would look into putting the RTSP firmware on the cameras and store your videos in your own hard drives.

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