Event deletes

Its fricking ridiculous to have to delete photos taken the way Wyze has this sei up. Surely there is at least 1 person at Wyze with enough brains to write software that lets s person delete an intire eve nt log from the first photo taken by pushing one little button. I dont have time to use their procedure to clear two csmeras. Im forced to pull thr ddcards out snd vlesr them thatway. Absolutely stupid. Im starting to look for different cameras.

Maybe you could put this on the wishlist forum. People can them vote on it.

Welcome to the forum @johnnunley. Sorry you dislike the process. If what you mean is only being allowed to delete 20 events at a time my guess is these this is done to prevent you from deleting an event you need by kind of forcing you to review first. I agree it can be an aggravation. I have enough cams to wind up with many screens of events.
I would suggest you check the Wishlist and Search to see if this suggestion has been made. If not, post it and Vote.

That is incorrect.

Click Events (for a cam that has more than 20)… finger scroll to the bottom. Tap finger on screen and hold, then slide finger upward - the next 20 are displayed - so now we have 40 in the list. Repeat as necessary.

I know, cause I’ll have 100+ selected and delete at once while clearing the Events screen.

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I believe that’s what he is getting at. They don’t want to have to scroll through 20 at a time, just delete all.
I don’t really know why you would want to delete them.