Option to delete all of a days recordings

Can I make a suggestion? Can you add a feature to the Wyze Cam Plus app so we can select a day, click on a select all button and then a delete button to dump all recordings for that day? I’m sure they’re taking up lots of space on your site and they are slow to play and keep pausing. Just a suggestion. Thanks. Great cams. We’ve already provided the police with video of a kid going up our street on a bicycle he stole.

@lairbear Welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can delete all events on any day. Under the Events Tab, Tap on the day you want to delete, Tap on pencil icon (top-right), Select All, tap “Delete” at the bottom. Let me know if this works for you.


But be sure to scroll to the bottom of the event list first, or it will only delete the first 20.


The first 20 of the latest or most recent events. :slight_smile: scroll to the bottom for the first of the days events, chronologically the first events of the day are waaay at the bottom.


There really is no way to Delete All or Select All except by scrolling to the bottom of the events page for each day you would like to delete.
This is an extraordinarily time consuming affair.
With screen refresh rates and lag, the time it takes to scroll to the bottom of 3 or 4 hundred daily events can take forever. Then you need to press 4 buttons to actually do the deletion.
Would love to see a Real select all option

I agree. Hope they take our suggestion.

While you’re waiting, if you are experiencing lag, and are on an Android device, a good setting to check is Account tab > App Settings > Hardware Decoding. You’ll want to try that turned on if it’s off.