Delete All Events Feature in App

(I use an Android phone) How about a DELETE ALL EVENTS feature/button to delete all the events showing in the list (as opposed to having to open each event before being able to delete it). Reason is that there can be many false positives or simply events generated by the owner walking by and it because a nuisance to have to delete each event separately. Also, since an event file is downloaded to the phone when an event is selected, these files start taking up significant storage space on the phone, so a feature to delete all events should do that without downloading the event files to the phone.


To delete events without playing them:

  1. Tap the “Events” tab at the bottom of the Wyze app home page
  2. Tap Edit (pencil icon) at the top right of the Events page
  3. Tap the checkbox to the left of each event you wish to delete (or tap “Select All” top right)
  4. Tap “Delete”, bottom right

Note that if you select all, only events whose thumbnails have been loaded will be deleted. Therefore, before starting the deletion process, make sure you keep scrolling to the bottom until no more thumbnails are loaded.

You must delete all events for each day separately. If you wish to delete events from a single camera, you may filter first before deleting.

[Mod Note]: Updated instructions to match new UI.

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“Select All” will delete only 20 videos at a time. It’s still annoying to repeat the “Select All” many times to delete a day worth of videos. It would be nice if the apps support deleting all videos by selected days in one shot


What would really be nice would be if when I tapped the three dots that “delete events” or the “radio buttons” appeared, but they don’t. I’m not liking it very much so far.

I love Wyze, but I am actually amazed that there is no option to delete all Event footage at once. Yes, I know you can technically do it by spending hours going through each day on the calendar, scrolling through everything and deleting page by page until your finger goes numb… but it should be easier and this would be a simple software fix. People are interested in their privacy and security and Wyze should accommodate that. It’s a mark against the brand when they make that complicated.

This is especially frustrating when you pair this problem with the fact that you also cannot limit what guest users are able to do in the app. Guests can turn cameras on and off. If you want to limit their ability to control things or see things, good luck; not an option. I’m sorry to say that Wyze is terrible with these two concerns.

Everything else I’m loving! The AI detection is excellent and I love my Wyze cams and will continue to be a customer… just PLEASE fix these issues Wyze! Other competitors are coming out with competitive pricing and features and people will go with wherever price meets quality and functionality. So if you can easily fix something with software, why not do it?


100% I have to delete new events thru out the day when I get new alerts. I also need to clean up each day before bed to avoid go thru the ridiculously annoying process to delete 20 events at a time

I agree. Software needs to be updated to truly delete all events, not just a page or so at a time. Other companies such as Arlo does it….so should Wyze. It takes too long to delete Events each day, and its becoming a pain in a***. Do us all a favor, submit a feature request, approve and make the change to the software.

I’m new to wyze cameras and so far I’m really liking them; good price, easily installed, easy to set up. I have wyze v3 cameras. BUT, I find that right now I’m getting used to what events record and would like to delete a bunch of them…like all over the last several weeks.
I’ve reviewed the delete function and have to agree with others…there needs to be a way to select ALL events across a range of dates and delete the events in “one fell swoop”. Especially if you have multiple cameras. Are there any future updates that will enable this (like a feature to select date range)?


Agree, I’m finding the same issue.

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I do not get the 3 dots on mine

On my Android the option looks like a pencil in the upper right corner on Events, not three dots. I also strongly agree that there should be an option to select the entire day, days or weeks to delete all at once instead of piecemeal 21 videos at a time only, unless you keep scrolling/buffering/scrolling/buffering etc to select all for just one day. It’s obnoxious and gives me the impression the design team doesn’t actually use their own device and/or listen to customer complaints.

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PLEASE NOTE: “Note that if you select all, only events whose thumbnails have been loaded will be deleted. Therefore, before starting the deletion process, make sure you keep scrolling to the bottom until no more thumbnails are loaded.”

The app only displays 20 events at a time. scrolling is not possible!!! No such thing is buffering and keep scrolling to show more events. you must delete one batch of up to 20 events and then the app refresh the page with new events.

Just slide from bottom to top to load more events, I know it’s slow but it’s working.

WYZE - please create a delete everything option!! Or to be able to select a single or multiple days and delete all of it at once would be helpful! (All of these options would be great!)

Just bought a few of the v3 cameras and it’s been 2 days and I am already irritated by how you can’t select more than 20 at a time which usually is about a min because it’s catpuring events like cars ,bugs or dust! So going through a full day to delete everything is complete waste of time. This sadly tells me that no one at Wyze actually uses their own product because they would see how time consuming this is!

Should I just reformat the SD card?

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The events you are deleting 20 at a time do not reside on the SD card, they are on the cloud. Formatting the SD card would do nothing for that. To delete more than 20 at a time you can scroll down to the bottom and it will load 20 more, after you load as many as you want you can delete all the ones you have loaded.


Ahhh ok, thanks for the info. So I’m back where I started… wanting to delete everything at once, not 20 at a time. :weary:

I do agree there is a need for an easier way to delete events. There is a #wishlist post I have linked below, you can vote for this in the upper left corner.


Same here.

My app does not have three dot at the top.

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