Wyze App V2.11.41 Issues

Recently got this upgrade for the App and am having issues deleting Events video. They either won’t delete or later are deleted after I close the App. And now there is an extra step to delete all the videos at once. Before it was easy to do this right from the Events page.


Are you saying you can’t delete from the event main page? Have you clicked the pencil in the upper right corner then selected all? Folks have found that if you scroll to the bottom first you can delete over 20 at a time. This is Android, but I believe apple should be pretty similar.

If I open a video from the Events page and click the Delete icon on the lower right, it then takes me back to the Events page and the video is still there.

if you then pull down on the event page after returning to that screen to refresh it, does it still stay there?

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That’s odd. I click on the event, then hit the trash icon, and then it goes away when it goes to the event page. Maybe it’s a iOS bug? It seems to work fine in Android.

Not a huge deal but I noticed that when you’re viewing continuous SD card playback and you turn on sound, the icon doesn’t turn blue. In livestream, turning on sound will turn the icon blue. In the previous app, it turned blue with sound on in both playback and livestream I believe.

It took me 3 steps to delete all events with the app prior to v2.11 and with v2.11.

Have no idea where this should go. That said, the three shots menu has been changed to an edit pencil, ok I get it… But… If I want to mess delete when I get the the end of my events I now have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page to select that option. Another annoying thing is that it if I haven’t at least looked at the very first event it only lets me select twenty events at a time rather than the whole batch. This is tedious…I appreciate that you after trying for improvements and a majority of the time they work. To me this is just not yet friendly.
Thank you for listening to my whine…

I moved it to this thread since it’s also referring to deleting event issues with the v2.11 update.

I agree the cancel/select all button should stay on the screen when scrolling through the events for deletion like in the app previous to v2.11. Might add it to the wishlist. I don’t know what you mean by “mess delete”.

It only lets you delete 20 events at a time until you scroll through all your events. I didn’t have to view the first event to select 20 for deletion though. You have to scroll down to refresh the list with more events and then it just lets you select more batches of 20. You have to scroll all the way to the end to delete them all. This appears to be the same with the app prior to v2.11 though with what I’m seeing.

I’m guessing they want you to scroll through all the events first instead of deleting all your events blindly.

Thanks for your reply…“mess delete” was a fat finger typo, should have read “mass delete”. Deleting 20 videos at a time is easy. But having over 150 events logged (mostly shadow or bug related triggers) is different story. It is possible to do a mass delete. You need to first scroll through all events to the first event. Then if you view that event and delete it, you can scroll back to the top, access the delete menu and select all, which will select all 150 + or - events and delete them. So I guess wish for edit menu to stay present at top of page is my next step.

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That makes sense. I wonder if this happens on iOS too. Does the select all/cancel button disappear or stay on the screen while scrolling through the all of events for deletion? It used to stay on the screen before the v2.11 update. @mavens

On iOS, the cancel/select all buttons stay on screen as you scroll down the list of entries, but the real problem is before that – Say you have more than 20 entries. As you scroll to the bottom of the clip list, edit menu and calendar scroll off the page. So if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to get more than 20 entries to appear, then you can no longer see the edit menu. So you have to scroll all the way back to the top, and select edit.

Now, if you calmly scroll back to the top and select edit, then you can edit all 20+ entries. If you spin it fast to get back to the top, then you will likely spur a list refresh. If a refresh happens, then when you select edit you only get to edit the first 20 entries, even if you just scrolled all the way to the bottom of the list to get more entries to appear.

I too hope this can be returned to its previous user-friendliness, where the edit menu stays on screen as you scroll, and where a list refresh does not disappear all the entries over 20 you just exposed.

Also, as long as we are talking about the changes on this screen, single entries you manually deleted used to disappear without having to do a manual refresh. This issue was also mentioned above. It would be nice to bring automatic disappearance from the list back when you manually delete an entry.

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Then it must be be an Android bug. I don’t even see the calendar or edit button at all when I’m selecting events for deletion even at the very top. After clicking on the pencil, it shows events for deletion but no calendar or edit button… just the cancel/select all button.
@smokipork I submitted a ticket. You should too.
Support Request.

Do you have to pull down the page to refresh when you do that did the deleted video will disappear

I wish Wyze would stop making software changes for the sake of change. Fix bugs, and improve the experience, instead of creating new bugs and making the interface more difficult to work with. The App worked great prior to V2.11.41, there was no reason to change it.

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The idea of change is good, the implementation is questionable

The idea of change, just for the sake of change is never good.

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my events page disappeared.

Probably better that way they’re trying to save you heartache and disappointment

I have Android. I did not do any of the updates and cameras work pretty good. However, when I go to the events page of any of my cameras I do not have a box on the left of each event to check off and delete so I am stuck 1 at a time. Is there something I have to do to get the small box on the left.

Ty you all for your help

Try the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen, that should bring up the boxes.

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Just like @sodcam stated, the newest version has the pencil to click, any older version of the app has the three dots to click that’ll bring up the menu to select more at a time. That work for ya?

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