Wyze v 2.41.1 (1) requires selecting and deleting events twice after iOS 17.3

Now when I try to delete the events on any of my three Wyze Cams, I must select the events, delete, select again, and delete a second time for them to be removed. Does anyone else have this issue or any recommendations on how to address it? The cameras are a Cam Pan (Firmware v and two Wyze Cam Pan v2 (Firmware v


I would try updating your app and see if the problem is still there. The latest app version is 2.49.x so you are a few updates behind.

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What I have seen lately is the behavior of event deletions has changed slightly. Once you scroll to the bottom of a listing of events and select all for deletion, then hit delete all, the user interface does not update the screen to show they are removed. If you just go back to the previous day event listing, then reselect the current date, the events have in fact been deleted as you had requested. It is just the User interface did not update as it used to. I believe I started to see this deletion behavior about two-three weeks ago after one of the WYZE App updates. I’m on IOS 17.3.1 and WYZE App 2.49.2(2).
…Update: I just now tried this again, and it still functions as I have explained above. The deletion works, it just does not update the UI that your seeing of the events. Once you change to a previous day and then back, your deleted events haven in fact been deleted.
I just found you can also just swipe down on the screen and it’ll update to remove the events from the UI, no need to change days.

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Thank you. I updated the app, but the issue was still there. Thank you for responding!


Thank you for responding… this is the exact issue and solution for now. Looks like a bug in the Wyze interface.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and share.


I’m having the same issue but if you pull down/refresh that works.

Other recent issuess
Most times I cannot download an event.
When I delete an event it doesn’t disappear until I refresh.
If it does delete it takes me back to the newest video and I have to scroll down to where I left off.

It driving me crazy :frowning:

Having same issue is there a fix yet?

Not yet, we have been able to replicate it and are working on a fix now hope to have it fixed in time for the next release.