Wyze Cam + recording

I have microSD cards in all 10 of my cams but I was looking to get some larger ones to capture more continuous days of recording (Full video non motion alert). I have tried the cam + trial several times and my question before upgrading microSD cards is can the cloud storage show exactly the same playback as the microSD cards?

Everything I have looked at and read seems to be that the event triggers the video capture and all the cam + does is extended the video capture of that event. It does not continuously keep recording so if I was out-of-town, would I be able to watch 24 hours of recorded video from the day before even if there were no events?

Cam+ and non cam plus only records events. Cam+ has complete motion capture /records as long as the motion is detected.

If you want continuous 24hr/day recording you have to use SD cards (right now this is available on wyze cam, V2, V3, and pan cams. The outdoor cam does not support continuous recording.

You can view the continuous recordings via the playback button on the live feed or using the button on the event recording video.

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Thanks with that and the HomeKit still an issue I’m probably going to look elsewhere.

I want to say that I can currently go back about 2 and a half days in the past with a 32 gb memory card. Once you go into the playback, you can select a day and scroll to the times you want.

Thank you! Yes there are plenty of ways around this but I’m looking for a more all incorporated solution. Why pay for cam + if I still need to have SD cards? The whole apple homekit still not being done is another pain. I understand the reasons but I’m already using an android emulator to view the cams on a TV (no desktop Wyze app) and I could essentially run screen recording off of that.

I would venture I’m not the only one who thinks this but they are off to market with more stuff which is great but how about you focus on making the best quality product you started with? I can’t imagine paying for the security system based on how poorly the detection is vs. my xfinity security. Non stop cloud recording is a must for this or you can risk it not detecting something correctly and no video/central station notification. This is why I bought Wyze in the first place before xfinity offered 24/7 video monitoring.

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I don’t use cam plus except on my outdoor cameras (since they don’t do continuous recording). The cameras I have that can do continuous recording I don’t feel the need to pay for cam plus as person detection, etc, isn’t something I need currently.

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And I have an alarm system outside of Wyze ecosystem because I don’t like having all my security under one roof, so to speak. I have a couple ring products, and use vivint home security.

There’s some overlap on where my cameras record (so I have between 1 - 3 different systems recording certain locations at my house). Gives me a bit more peace of mind that if one fails, for some reason, I have a backup source.