24/7 Cloud Recording (without motion) Subscription

I would love to see another tier service that allows us to record continuous and unlimited footage to a cloud platform with or without motion. For the pricing standpoint, I’d easily pay $2.50 a month PER camera. This gives Wyze a competitive advantage to others in this market offering a similar product. The MicroSD is a wonderful feature, but Wyze clients would benefit from complete backup of all footage for up to a month. I want to know that I’m truly protected in the event of a crisis via Audio or Video.


A while back, Wyze release Complete Motion Capture (CMC). This is a subscription that provided unlimited cloud recording of motion. Details are here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/sections/360007906452-Complete-Motion-Capture-CMC-

There’s a wishlist topic for more days of cloud storage here: More days of cloud storage - #2 by R4TEDM

There’s also a wishlist topic for sound triggering CMC: Sound detection to trigger Complete Motion Capture recording

I think taken together, these address your requests.

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I’m seeking unlimited cloud recording without motion, but I appreciate the response! Thanks.

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I agree with the extended cloud recording up to 30 days. Even better would be to be to have different packages of recording duration for different prices. Similar to cloud based drives.
I also agree with the possibility of being able to download locally.
These would obviously be good additions to the Sound Trigger to CMC.

Something I wonder is why Wyze is handling the requests for paid services the same way as the request for the free services?

I’m having to many issues with SD card and event recording and stopping recording even with Cam Plus.

I’d like to have the option to force full time recording for the 14 days without SD card with my Cam Plus subscription. Oh and easier navigation to specific times please.

Need to record 24/7 since some motion may be very slight and not detectable. I thought CAM Plus was supposed to replace the SD card in the cloud. Other services such as NEST, you have the ability to record 24/7 and recording is not only activated by motion or sound. It’s always recording… The way you guys have it, defeats the purposes of having a camera that needs to record 24/7 in the clouds.

I agree with that and I would have done additional subscriptions for all my cameras if that were the case