I’d really like the Wyze camera to record more than 12 seconds. I’ve had someone that I allowed in my house and they come in and during the 12 seconds I never see them leave. This needs to be constant recording and not just a flat 12 seconds. That time frame is too short.
Is there any future enhancements on the agenda?
Thank you!

The 12-second recording is the free, cloud-based recording. Wyze calls it, “Events”.

There is also a local, micro-SD card recording. Wyze calls it, “View Playback”. Local recording isn’t limited to 12 seconds.

There is a subscription-based cloud based recording, Complete Motion Capture (CMC), without the 12-second limit.

Right now, local recording playback is buggy on some phones. CMC has been reported to miss “Events”. A very sad state of affairs.

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You can insert an SD card into the camera and do you record all day or set it to record movement event there’s plenty of different things you can do for recording go to support.

They even offer complete motion capture in service for a very very minimal fee per month I think it’s like $1.50.

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@jsnapp1 Welcome to the community! You may be interested in Complete Motion Capture (CMC) See this article here: :slightly_smiling_face:

14-Day Free Trial

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That’s what I said. Lol.

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The more the better I guess. Lol :upside_down_face: You’re right! I thought I would just add the extra links to make it easier.

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