Recording time options?

I’ve noticed that when the cam picks up motion that it only record’s for 12 seconds and it will not record any longer then that. Will there be an option for the “record time”. Other wise we love your cam’s


The 12 second clip length and 5 minute timeout between cloud clips is there to allow Wyze to be able to provide the cloud storage feature for free.

You may want to consider installing a microSD card in the camera. Then your recordings will only be limited by the size of the card.

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Thank you!

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What? There is a 5 minute lockout IMMEDIATELY after a detection? So if an intruder comes near your home, Wyze does NOT record?

Boy, you all haven’t thought that one through.

Hello @michael7 and welcome to the community.

They actually did think that through quite a bit. Without the ‘lockout’ as you call it, they call it a cool-down, the server costs would be prohibitively high. So after a motion event there is a 5-minute cool-down. Some have got around it by using a regular motion sensor triggering a cam recording. WYZE has made an option that solves it by eliminating the cool-down all together and lengthening the 12-second cap to recording the entire motion event. They call it Complete Motion Capture or ‘CMC’ for short. It is a subscription service but is only 1.49 a month per camera. This helps with the server costs. You can read more about here.