Longer event clip options

Currently the free video length is only 12seconds but with 14 days availability on AWS. I am wondering with no extra cost to Wyze, is it possible to change the rule to 45-60 seconds and make it only 3 or 4 days available to free users? Longer video clip makes more sense when possible crime happens while storing for 14 days seems tooooo long and a waste.


There is Complete Motion Capture, although not free, it is very low in cost per cam. Do you have a SD card in your cameras?


Yes, I do have a micro sd card inserted. But the length of local recording is also 12 seconds I think.

Are you looking at the event tab? Those are the 12 second event cloud clips. if you are live viewing a camera click “playback” that will show what is recorded to the local SD card in said camera.

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Yes, just got that setup. Local recording works pretty nicely but the interface is not as convenient as that of Events tab. Really not easy to navigate through multiple events.

Do you have local event recording or continuous recording setup? If event, the arrows on either the left or right of the timeline scoot to you the next minute chunk with an event in it.

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Currently there is one option - record 12 seconds from an event every 5 minutes max (cooldown period).

Since a primary use case for this feature is security, I would much prefer a longer record time to perhaps capture more action - the face of the bad guy etc.

Obviously the ‘free’ 12 seconds is not free to Wyze who have to devote server resources for this storage but adding two more options could actually reduce server storage needs

12 S recording every 5 mins = 144 Seconds /Hr max ( default)
30 S recording every 30 minutes = 60 Seconds /Hr max
60 S recording every hour = 60 seconds/Hr max

Both of the longer options record fewer frames of material than the default.
Myself I would choose the 60 S option since I really don’t expect a burglar to show up every 5 minutes anyway!


While not exactly the same, your post was merged here because Wyze already implemented the original request which matched yours by launching Complete Motion Capture (CMC):

I wish Wyze would consider letting our cameras have at least 30 seconds of record time with less than a 5 minute cool down period, without having to pay for their service. I know their paid service isn’t that expensive but when you have a lot of cameras, it can be expensive. Between the price of the cameras and expensive shipping fee, it all adds up.

I would love to see the option to increase event recording times to 30 seconds. Also I wish I had the ability to have the outdoor cam record events longer and store to the sd card like the V2. It’s very disappointing that the events are not longer. When the motion is activated you dont see the majority of the activity in the 12 sec event recording. Please fix this! Please. Is it possible to get this feature with cam plus?

I have (2) vs2 and (1) pan, & (1) outdoor cams. I believe 12-second clip recording is almost meaningless. It doesn’t help too much. That is the reason I voted $0.00 dollar for person detection. If it was, say, 20-sec, I would pay at least $1.00 or more.
Also, having person detection in v2 & pan does not make too much sense either, since they have motion detection capability. These 2 cams are put indoor, so most of time they are recording our own family members, which I don’t need that.
I want to enroll in the cam plus program of continuing recording, but the outdoor cam does not have this program yet. Only outdoor cam needs to record persons, because it can record any unwanted persons, or intruders.
I hope Wyze company can give this some thought and can increase the recording length from 12 sec. to 20 sec. at least. Then I will pay for this, so will a lot of your customers. I would mind to pay for the cloud storage.
I also have 5 Arlo cams, each one has up to 45-sec. recording which is much matter, & useful.

My parent’s place just got burgled and the burglar found all 3 wyze cams and took it with him. (Including the wifi router)

The only evidence left are the 12 second events, 5 minutes apart, uploaded to the cloud.

These clips are helpful but do not provide a full recording of what was happening.

I understand that uploading and storing events cost wyze money and that there is now a cam plus subscription.

But to make cloud recordings more useful for the budget minded consumer, and still keep cloud storage within wyze’s current budget, it would be good to allow the option to increase 12 second upload to 24 seconds, and reduce storage time from 2 weeks to 1 week correspondingly.

Events interval from 5 mins can also be reduced to 3mins by the same way.

This would take up the same amount of storage space as a 2 week cloud save, but provide more useful cloud saves. (Though i guess this increase their upload costs…)

Or instead of just randomly storing the first 12 seconds, (back turned away / far away / in frame for 1 sec, but out of frame for the rest of the time) store targeted videos where the videos will actually help catch the burglar (ie. When face is towards camera, clothing/features are in sharp focus). Wyze can call it smart upload.

As a budget security cam, wyze blows every other company out of the water. Cloud saves are an added bonus that i would not expect out a $20 camera, so this is definitely just a wishlist option.

I will be buying replacement cams once V3 is in stock (and in black so they don’t get noticed easily and stolen again)