13 Seconds Recording

Dont know if this issue has already been addressed. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

I noticed that the Wyze cam only records 13 seconds max (without a sd card) during each clip. The issue is that it doesn’t start recording the next 13 second clip immediately after the 13th second of the previous recording. So by the time the camera starts to record for the next 13 second clip, the perpetrator/suspect has already left the scene. Thanks in advance!

-Sri Sri

I think the recording is supposed to be 15 seconds. Mine are usually 14. So, 13 seconds is maybe one or two seconds short but maybe “within specs.”

Yes, you are correct that once a event is recorded, a new recording is not saved to the cloud for a period of time. I think it is five minutes before the timer resets and a new recording will be uploaded. This is also apparently a deliberate part of the design, no doubt to limit the amount of cloud storage to a reasonable amount.

I suspect that Wyze will someday offer longer and more frequent recording to the cloud on a subscription basis. For example, say you want a ten minute recording for every motion event, you could pay for that option. Remember that the current business model includes the camera for $25 AND free storage in the cloud for 14 days, and thats a pretty darn good deal.

Correct. The “spec” is actually 12-15 seconds, and the timeout period is five minutes. In addition to subscription storage, Wyze may eventually develop the ability to upload to your own cloud space. I don’t know when or if this may happen, but it has been often requested.

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Still no word on this?

See this: