12 second recording only? Lag?

Is it me or does the camera actually only record for 12 seconds? I was heades downstairs, turned on the light, the camera started to record, and stoped recording befor i was even in the frame. By the way i was headed down to clean the lens, which means it should of recorded me cleaning it which it did not. Another problem i noticed is that it takes so long to see the live feed, compared to my amazon cloud cam, the cloud cam takes seconds. Why??

It only records 12 second events so the motion trigger started recording once the light came on. If something happened 15 seconds in, it wouldn’t capture it in the event clip. And there’s a roughly 5 minute cooldown period before it will start recording another event. You would need to have an sd card inserted and manually go into the playback in order to see whatever motion was missed during the 12 second clip. Sometimes you can adjust the sensitivity, but going from darkness to light will always trigger the event to start recording. It’s possible in the future that Wyze might add a subscription service for longer clips but keep in mind you can currently view events for free for 14 days unlike many other cameras. Another option is to add the motion sensor and then instead of capturing changes in light it will better capture moving things.
My Wyze cams only take seconds to view the live feed, this may be affected by your network, wifi, phone, etc. But keep in mind this is a $20 camera vs $120 for the amazon cam.


An error on my part I believe you can also have the sd card set to record events which will allow the 5min cooldown period to be shorter. I’m not sure if the sd card events are 12 seconds only also, but I know the sd cards events will not go to the cloud.

If you have the SD card set to record events it will record 1 minute increments.
Basically when the camera record every minute is a separate file on the SD card, if set to record motion it will save any of those 1-minute files that contain motion, So you will essentially get a recording from when motion starts until it stops.