Record more than 12 seconds?

Is there any way to set the camera to record for more than 12 seconds when it detects motion?

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@spencer_normand… For the alert clips that are sent to the cloud, no, there is no way to increase the recording length or reduce the minimum time between recorded events (5 minutes). There is a Roadmap topic on this that you can vote for here:

That said, one option is to install a microSD card in the camera. That will let you record either continuously or all motion video up to the capacity of the card. When the card becomes full, the oldest video is deleted. Here are instructions to set that up:

If it is true that with a 32 GB microSD card, the recording to the local storage is automatically enabled in event mode for example and the recording length will automatically be adjusted to 1 minute instead of the typical 12 seconds. I put a microSD card in and the event mode recording is selected to local storage; however, I still get only 12 seconds. Is there a way to fix this?

It doesn’t show up in the events, you need to click the “view playback” button in the live stream.

Thanks for the information. I believe that the user guide/documentation/user interface must be updated or clarified to indicate that viewing microSD videos is in addition to the default 12 seconds recording “Events”.

One thing that may help is to indicate that “Events” are simply alerts which their videos can be played back in Live Stream/View Playback if there is a microSD. It would even be great if there is a web link in the alert video to the “live stream” recorded video.

The other problem is that viewing recorded videos in “live stream” mode is confusing. Live stream implies something that is live and it is in real time.

Wyze needs to fix the terminology and simplifies the user interface.

There is a Wishlist topic for this. You can vote for and/or comment on it here: Mark Events In SD Card Playback. The current status is “researching”, which is the last step before it moves into development.

Boy, that seems counter-intuitive. This sort of obfuscation removes user-friendliness of the app.