Video Length

Will we ever be able to get more than 12 secs of video?

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If you add an SD card, you can turn on continuous recording or event recording. The event recording records the longer of 1 minute, or until the motion stops.

I can’t find the setting for ‘event recording’. Is there a setting that needs to be on or off for it to show? Running latest firmware and app version on IOS. Have an SD card in the cam with 14.8 G of available space. Thanks!

From the main Devices tab of the app, pick your camera, then pick the gear icon in the upper right. From there my settings may be slightly different from yours (I’m in the beta program). I pick Advanced Settings, then under that turn on the Local recording to micro SD card, then pick Record on event.

Aha! That explains it. I’m not using the beta, so all I have is ‘record alerts only’ and ‘continuous recording’. Thanks for the info, I’ll wait for that to be put in the ‘real’ version.

I think “record alerts only” is the same thing. They just updated the wording :wink:

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I have a 32 GB card that meets the requirements and I have the option for local storage on and I still only see 12 second captures. Also, if I switch to continuous, will the camera stop recording when the memory card is full, or will it roll off the oldest and continue recording new video?

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