Longer clips on SD card on event detection

Is it possible (or could it be added) to record full clips to SD card?

IE: I only want to record when there’s motion or sound for the duration of the detection period.

Presently I use event detection and continuous recording. The 12 second clip gives me an idea of where to look in the timeline of the continuous recording. I’d like if instead recording would start when motion or sound is detected, and the entire event (12 second to minutes or hours of activity?) is recorded to the SD card.

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Yes and no. If you change the SD card recording mode to Event Only, then every one minute interval from mm:00 to mm:59 that contains motion will be saved on the SD card and other minutes discarded. However (this is the “no” part), there is no similar mode for sound triggering for the SD card.

I know we’re still waiting on a public-facing bug list, but isn’t there a problem for some where the one minute video is missing for event only recording? I think I still have my notes of comparing notifications to actual SD recordings. If that’s been resolved, I’d like to test it again.

i haven’t noticed this. event recording seems to work fine. sometimes if i scroll back far enough in the timeline, it doesn’t show the green periods as events, but if i skip left and right using the forward/back buttons in the playback screen, it still displays the actual sd card event videos just fine.

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Have you ever compared each event on the SD card to your push notices? I did, on paper, and they didn’t match. It was pointed out there was a one minute difference, but that didn’t account for the lack of SD videos. This is another reason I would like to see a bug list. We shouldn’t have to test these issues with each release of the software. It was also mentioned SD event-only recording uses different settings, including different detection zones, than the user defined detection settings, but is that documented? What should we expect to be recorded on the SD Card? At a minimum, you should have one matching event on the SD card for each push notice/AWS video. In addition, you should or could have more videos during the cool-down period. Could you have more? Should you have more? The last release of the app (2.0.21) did address some issues with the push notices & AWS videos, but was this part of it? Someone somewhere knows if this is or was on the bug list.

You will have more recordings on your sd card than you have push notices, because the push notices are on the same timeout that the cloud recordings are on. As for the 1 minute differential, I haven’t noticed it. The notice occurs at the start of a sd card recording, provided the last event notice was at least 5 minutes ado. The sd card recording can of course go on for much longer than the cloud clip.
As for motion detection areas, the sd card and the cloud clips appear to be using the same detection grid.
This is in the new android app, the old one behaved differently.