Popup explanation when setting Record Events Only for SD card

There has been some user confusion about what type of events (sound vs motion) are recorded when Record Events Only is selected for local SD card recording. There is also confusion about whether the motion detection zone and sensitivity setting apply. A good solution would be to have a message pop up in the app when the Record Events Only button is tapped. Something like this:

SD Card Record Events Only considerations:

  • This setting will cause only 1-minute video segments that contain motion to be saved on the SD card. Non-motion segments will be discarded.

  • This setting is not affected by Event Recording (cloud clips) Detects Sound and Detects Motion options.

  • This setting (is/is not) affected by the Detection Zone setting.

  • This setting (is/is not) affected by the Motion Sensitivity setting.

  • This setting does not cause any Push Notifications to be generated.

I ageee 100%. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this.


That is a good band aid fix for a bigger issue but I agree at least some kind of notification as to the SD card Record on Event setting limitations would help clear up the confusion.

I just submitted 2 topics for the roadmap area regarding length of time to record (greater than one minute) and making Alert settings match SD card Record on Event common.

Both are pending approval and hopefully get approved.

Actually @rod2500, they both got moved to #ask-the-community. Read the explanations and see what you think.

If V2.2 is going to fix the disconnect between settings I agree that should move to #ask-the-community

I really feel an option to increase the length of recording to the SD card when using Record on Event should be on the roadmap.

We are currently limited to 1 minute segments or continuous. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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