Motion detection event record with SD

There seems to be a lot of discussion around addressing the motion detection event recording limitations of the cloud storage.

It seems what most here want is something like the existing feature (as close as practical) that simply substitutes the SD for the cloud after 12 seconds (or duplicates the first 12 seconds) and eliminates the “cool down” (or substitutes the SD for the cloud till the 5 minutes it over).
This would have no impact on cloud space, and let us capture usable length recordings.
Maybe it is just the ability to sync SD playback to the time stamp, and just send events without any cloud video at all.

I hope this does not duplicate other requests, and hope it is a cleaner solution addressing a majority of the user requirements. (Putting on my old Product Manger hat)

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This actually does overlap with several other topics already in #wishlist and so I’ve moved your post to #ask-the-community. If you do a Search in Wishlist (enter your search word/s after #wishlist in the search box), you will find topics on a subscription option to eliminate the cool down period, to mark events in SD playback, etc. Please hop over and vote for those and add comments in the replies if desired.

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or -
Record events only

When you select Record events only, the camera will only record video if motion is detected.

How it works: The camera breaks the video feed into 1-minute increments. If motion is detected at any point within a 1-minute increment, that 1-minute increment is recorded to the microSD card. This means that the camera will record continuously when there is motion, and will not record when there is no motion detected.

Note that this is independent of the 12-second alert videos that are captured and stored on the cloud for 14 days based on the camera’s motion detection settings. The 12-second alert videos have a 5-minute cooldown period, so when there is constant motion the camera will record a 12-second alert video every 5 minutes and save that video to the cloud for 14 days. With a microSD card installed and set to Record events only, the camera will save video to the microSD card as long as motion is detected.

  • Note: Alert Settings do not impact the Record events only setting. For example, if you have motion detection turned off, you will still have clips saved to your microSD card when motion events occur.

Recording events only is an excellent way of preserving space on your microSD card.

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Tnak you.
The issue I see is a lot the existing Wish-List requests work around the topic.

My point is the existing user functionallity of the cloud motion capture is just about perfect.
If that same user experiance could be maintained, with the substitutiuon fo SD storage for cloud storage to simply address the 12 second limit and cool down period issues.

I did not see an item on the Wish-List that captures to User functionality vs technical functionality issue.

I have a connection problem with the motion detector. When I reset it, I get five red flashes. However, still no connection. The sensor is about 70 ft. away from the bridge. Help!

Hi Eagleone123, this may address what you’re experiencing:

*Note: We’ve received reports of sensors being disconnected when the Bridge’s button is pressed. We will be releasing a fix in the near future, but in the meantime avoid pressing this after your sensors have been set up.

Located here:

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I agree with what @gemniii said above. It sounds like the existing “Record Events Only” feature is what you want. That feature is what I use and it works great. As long as there is motion, you will have video on the SD card.

Maybe I am doing something wrong.
I have SD cards in my camera.
I have "Record Events Only” turned on.
When I look at events, I find they are all 12 seconds long, and they stop even when there is obvious motion after the 12 seconds.
When I look at “View Playback” I can scroll to the event and then see the longer segment. If there are lots of events, it is not easy to get to the right spot.

The way “events” works is very easy and intuitive. Seems it would not be that hard to incorporate playback using the same UI. Or if that is not possible for some reason a button that takes you to playback at that timestamp.

Also, trying to figure out the difference between a “Motion” event and a “Smart Video Alert” event.

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“Events” tab is the rolling cloud storage, so that’s why everything is 12 seconds long, and the “view playback” reads from your SD card.

Yes, that is the issue. The “View Events” is very intuitive, but then going back to find the rest of that event is far more complex than it needs to be.

Any ideas on the difference between a “Motion” event and a “Smart Video Alert” event?

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A “Motion Event” is something detected by a camera. A “Smart Video Alert” is a video recorded by a camera after a sensor is tripped. I’m speculating you tied a camera to a sensor.

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I agree, viewing “event only” items on the SD card is a awkward and cumbersome experience on my phone, but at least the videos are there. “Motion” events are created by motion detection on the camera and “Smart Video Alerts” are from motion detection by the Wyze Sense motion sensor.

Never mind, found it.