Motion Recording to Sd card only

Why is that if I only want motion recording to the sd card not cloud that I only get 12 second video clip then it waits like 5 minutes

Seems I sure can miss a lot of detail on an event by this working this way

Is there away to set it up to do motion based recording only to sd card and then get notified of the event



Hello @greglj and welcome to the community

As you have found Event videos last 12 seconds and have a 5-minute cool down, you can however record to SDcard and that does not have a cool down or limit. The SD card videos will not show up in the Events tab. The SD card videos can be found by looking at the live view and hitting the view playback button at the bottom.

If you are interested you can also subscribe to Complete Motion Capture which would remove the cool down and limit to the cloud videos.


Thank you Jason is there a way to get motion event notifications and have it record to sd card



@greglj, Sorry for the delay getting back to you, you can enable both the cloud recording and event recording to the SD card, you will only get notified of the cloud recordings though so notifications would still be 5-minutes apart. The notifications are tied to the cloud events.

What I do is use the cloud events to determine if i need to look further on the SD card, not a perfect solution but it works for the ones I do not have CMC on. I have CMC enabled on some which eliminates the 5-minute cool down.

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