SD card local recording

For V2 local recording to the SD card, I understand that it records until there is no motion (event recording chosen and not continuous). But is there a cool down period on when it will record again? Is the cool down period only applies to the 12 sec clip to the cloud AND notifications?

The cool down period does not apply to locally recorded videos. I have many examples of motion recordings on my SD card(s) that are effectively continuous for sometimes 20 minutes or more because of ongoing motion.

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The cool down applies to cloud recordings, which in turn effects notifications because you only get camera motion notifications when cloud events are saved.

Local sd card event recording recordings the full.minute to the card where the event happens. Say the camera detects motion from 9:37:30 to 9:37:40, it’ll save the 9:37:00 to 9:37:59 to the card. If the event goes past the top of the minute, the minute will be saved. You do not get notifications from local recordings.