Question: SD Record Event Only mode and Screen Detection Zones

Question: Does SD Record Event Only mode records motion events based on the Motion Detection Zone or will it record motion on full screen?

I would like to get notifications only on a partial screen area (my driveway) while recording on the SD based on motion events on the full screen but I don’t know what is the expected behavior.





My understanding is that the SD Event recording is completely independent of the alert settings with no user control of any parameters. This would imply that the detection zone does not affect the SD Event recording. But I’ll try to get confirmation from the Wyze folks.

The setting for recording events does use to the motion detection zone settings for what it will and will not record. To confirm this before replying I did run a test for a couple hours with a consistently moving item in the live feed view and set the detection zone to ignore this item. It would only begin recording if something moved into the other area, but ignored the item moving out of the set zone. So you should be able to use it the way you want!

Max, just to clarify… for the above test, you were testing the SD card recording, not Alert clips, right? (That’s what this question was about.)

That being so, you are saying that the SD card event recording observes the Motion Detection Zone, but ignores the Motion Detection Sensitivity set in the Alert Settings section?

If so, that sure is inconsistent. Perhaps the Motion Detection Zone setting needs to be moved out of the Alert Settings and up a level. Or at least duplicated in the Advanced Settings > Local Storage section so that it’s clear that it applies there also.


Correct, this was SD card recording I was going off of.

I will pass the feedback on to the Dev team!

Max, I concur.

It is confusing to the average user to understand the SD card recording setting vs alert settings.

Best would probably be to have separate detection and sensitivity settings for the SD card recording.

In this case, I would like to record MORE events on the SD card (full screen, higher sensitivity) vs the alerts (limited zone, lower sensitivity).

Last suggestion: I would also add the recording quality (HD,SD) to this separate section.



The Wyze support documentation is WRONG in that some of the alert settings affect local (micro SD) event recording rather than just alerts. Please either update the documentation or the app settings to reflect this!