Does "record events only" activate per alert zone detection?

I have a Pan cam and it points out my front window. My motion detection zone for alerts is scaled down to just my front stoop (bottom 10% of the viewing screen). My SD card setting is for record events only which records every moving shadow, leaf blown or car that drives by…none of which are in my detection zone. I understand the detection zone is in the alerts section but I’ve seen a few contradictory posts regarding this. One post from 7 months ago suggest record events follow the detection zone (not in my experience). What are your experiences or is the Pan cam operation different from the v2 perhaps?

The detection zone is not in play for the SD card motion recording. I think the theory is that there should be room on the card so better to record it than miss something. If you don’t agree, you might want to make a feature request in #roadmap to have detection zone observed for SD card recording.