Two of my camera stopped recording Events!

Need help! Can someone guide me on troubleshooting this? Both are pan cameras. They have SD and are recording but events aren’t. I made sure they have motion zone defined (whole screen), that events recording are on for both sound and motion. Schedule are set for All Day. They aren’t setup for pan or tracking. Only Motion Tagging is enable. Rebooted both camera. All to no avail. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated! BTW, these are the two critical cameras in my setup! :frowning:

I did noticed that toggling the Detects Motions switch under Events recording does generates an error message that flashes once at the bottom of the screen (network time out).

I was having a weird problem the other day with my Pan Cam that had stopped recording events.
If I turned OFF the detecting zone, it started recording events.
When I set a detecting zone, it would stop recording events.
I ended up having to turn UP the sensitivity if I used the detecting zone after much trial and error.
That is weird because it was working at a lower sensitivity setting for several days with no problems.
May have been a power outage or something, who knows.
This may or may not help you, but it should be easy to test.

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I have had that happen once or twice and if I go into the app and just reset the camera it starts again. So I would try that first.

I’ve tried power cycle and reset to no avail.
I’ll try again.

Thanks. Will try Turning Off the detection zone. After all, that’s one part I don’t really need. I’ll report back. Thank you!

I’m having the same problem. I had to turn on detection zone to stop getting false positive notifications whenever sun would flare through a window. The detection zone takes up 90% of the screen. As soon as detection zone is on, I get zero notifications or recorded events. You can dance a jig in front of the camera, trust me I have, and it will do nothing. Sensitivity settings are default values. As soon as you turn off the detection zone, events and notifications start working.

It would be great to get a response from Wyze in this


Oh so I guess this is a know issue?
Hmm. I’ll give it a few more days to see what happens. I deployed 12 of these camera at my place last week. I will gladly pack them all up and get them returned. I was hoping this was a reliable product; but the more I read I see there’s still lots of glitches and setbacks that hinders their performance. I guess I should’ve know when all I paid was $25 per cams.

I’m gonna try the rtsp route before giving up totally


I get car lights at night on one side, so I turned on the detection zone. I thought I was fine because I finally stopped getting hammered with notifications and cloud videos from that camera. I noticed one day when I had walked back there, and nothing happened, I knew I was in trouble. I ended up turning the sensitivity way up (like over 60) when the detection zone is enabled for it to work. It still does not work exactly like I want. I opened a ticket on mine, and sent in log files too. I don’t mind helping them fix these type problems though, the products are so inexpensive that I can handle some problems. Good luck!

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Just turned sensitivity up to 75. Nada.

I’ll open a ticket as well

I forgot, one thing I also did was uninstall “PERSON DETECTION” from this pan cam. I figured it may be taxing the camera’s limited resources. If they do provide a permanent fix, please post it back in this topic.
My ticket was 319904. Good Luck RSG22

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Further experimentation - cranked sensitivity up to 90 when using a detection zone - that seems to have done the trick, but will keep an eye on it.

Without detection zone, the default sensitivity of ~50 works fine.

I do have all detection types and notification types enabled, I haven’t tried disabling Person event notifications.


I have my sensitivity up around 70 now on this particular problematic Pan Cam, but it is funny, sometimes I will go in there and notice it has reverted back to 50. I am not changing it. It is mysterious. I have it shared with my spouse, but I know she is not changing that setting.

I have bought 6 light bulbs, and EVERY ONE has given me fits setting up.
I thought I had a system down, but it seems every one is unique.
I feel like we are testing “beta” hardware and software sometimes.
I am retired now, so I have time to fool around with this stuff, and it can be fun at times.
If I was working still, I would have had to send some of it back due to frustration and no time to fiddle with it. I realize you have to move quickly in the tech sector now to stay alive, but there comes a point where you need to slow down and test things more thoroughly. I know these are not medical devices, and are not mission critical (or should not be used for that purpose), and are ultra-inexpensive, but the features should work as advertised.

It would be nice to have some feedback from Wyze directly so the community doesn’t feel like we are on our own. At least acknowledge some of the issues and offer some guidance or something. Anywho…we’ll see what happens.

I need to ask. Does your handle has anything to do with God? :slight_smile: