SD - record events only - not much happening - some thoughts

I have been using my Wyze Cam v2 for a week without SD now. Alerts work great.

Installed an SD card today, formatted and chose “record event” but not much is happening. I did get about 15 alerts today (cloud) but see only three very thin lines in the playback screen (which are impossibly hard to select because they are so thin - really need a skip button to skip between events rather than trying to scroll on them).

I read events also get triggered by motion settings (from alerts?). So why more alerts than events? I find this bit confusing, especially as there are no settings for events. Was kind of hoping events does more than alerts (same trigger, longer clips as they are stored offline).

Use 2 fingers to spread the green line. you will see the whole alert. Much what you would do to zoom in on the full screen mode. I record only events so that I can see the full cause of the notification.


Thanks for that tip, hadn’t figured that out. Makes it easier to select the thin lines.


Still don’t understand why I have far less events (stored on SD) vs alerts (cloud).

And even with zoom it is a bit tricky, would be easier to skip to next event or have a similar view as in alerts (when recording events, with continuous the timeline makes sence)