Local storage event recordings only 12 seconds

From what I understand after reading similar posts on this forum, if I have an SD card in my cam, and it is set to detect motion and record events only, it should be able to record longer than 12 second clips correct? It sounds like it should continue recording 1 min clips for as long as it detects motion, right?

Because even though I set it up in the app to detect motion, and record events only to the local sd card, it’s still only recording 12 seconds. Am I misunderstanding something? Below are my settings.

Edit: ok after posting, I went back and re-read this post by Loki and I think I answered my own question. So it sounds like the local recordings are only viewable via Playback by scrolling through the shaded periods on the timeline? It’s a little confusing. One would think that if you set local storage to “Record events only”, then those events would be on the Events tab. It’s also a little frustrating. It would be great to view local recordings more easily on the Events tab. Trying to scroll through the time line on a mobile device can be very frustrating, even if you zoom out to make the timeline events larger. Furthermore, I don’t know if this is a known bug or not, but using the back arrow to jump back to previous events does not work 100% of the time. There have been multiple occasions where after jumping back through 3 or 4 events and hitting the back arrow again, it then decides to jump back months all the way to the very first recording.

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iirc, Events were previously called Alerts and if you think of them as a tap on the shoulder, the Alerts may make more sense. They are just letting you know something may need further investigation.

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This is a known bug - I encounter it all the time. Except I don’t find that it jumps back all ‘the way to the first recording’, as you described. On mine, it jumps back months (from today) to recordings made on Dec 26. But there are lots of local recordings on the SD card made prior to Dec 26. The are lots made in Jan and Feb. The skip-back jumps over all of them, landing reliably on the Dec 26 event.

Skip-forward is equally buggy.

And to complicate matters, the Playback timeline display is sketchy. I’ve found instances where the timeline shows white even though there is a recording present at the date/time displayed. The camera will happily play the recording, even as the timeline cursor is on white space. This bug makes it exceedingly difficult to locate recordings on the SD card.

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2020-01-06T08:00:00Z I’m able to view Events stored on my card very easily as follows: From the Home screen tap Events , Filter by — tap your camera name. From the dateline bar, tap desired date ; tap desired Event to view it. NOTE : Stored recordings have either “Motion” or “Sound” to the right of the thumbnail to signify what type of event recording it is.