Cloud recording feature

Beside recording on SD card, feature like Cloud recording would be very useful and on the top of it will have redundancy.
Local storage is good but not fail safe.

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Welcome MikiMiki. Cloud recording (Events) is current functionality. If I misunderstood your post, please elaborate.



I was talking about continuous cloud recording not just events, moreover with time lapse where you can quickly scroll recording history say for a 10 days or max 14 days.



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One of the reasons they’re unable to do that at this time would be that the server space they use for according is not a linear price. It was one of the issues they had originally with being able to do cam Plus.

Originally person detection was done on the camera itself but sadly the company they were working with got bought out by Apple so they had to cancel that contract. The current incarnation has the AI for person detection and such in the cloud and that is one of the reasons they have to charge for it now. This is a personal opinion as I’m sure there are some who will disagree but I think the price they charge for the cloud service they offer is quite reasonable in comparison to many many other companies.

One of the struggles with attempting to give everyone unlimited cloud storage would be scaling it. The more people they have subscribe the more the cost would go up so the price would constantly fluctuate which would anger many many early adopters at the earlier price. And especially with considerations like if every user for some reason decided to do a long time lapse at once you can see how that could quickly spiral. And especially for a slim margin company like Wyze I think, and I stress that this is purely my own speculation that would be very hard to do and also not alienate the base.


Thank you for clarifying your request. In addition to what @Bam has stated, continuous cloud recording has already been requested. You can vote for this request and/or add your comment/use case to help increase the chance of implementing.

24/7 Cloud Recording (without motion) Subscription

This is also an existing #wishlist request:

Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

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