"Complete" Motion

Just saw the new option for cloud storage of complete motion. One big reason I bought this was because it has local storage and is free to use. The longer clips have been a suggestion, but now it is cloud storage and won’t be free? Come on!

Hi @lastmart,

Cloud storage is still free just as it was before CMC was implemented. You still get 14 days of cloud storage subject to a 12 second limit on videos with a 5 minute waiting period (time out) between events. That has not changed.

Local storage hasn’t changed either, and you can record continuously or motion event-only limited only by the size of the microSD card you install in the camera.

The only change with CMC is that allows you to eliminate the 12 second limit and 5 minute timeout.


You still get free cloud storage for 12 second event clips and of course there’s always the SD card for local storage. The complete motion capture just removes the 12 second limit and the 5 minute cool down time.


I understand the original doesn’t change, but it sure would be nice if the upgrade would store locally instead of having to use cloud storage at a fee.

You can record locally by installing a microSD card in the camera

For the $10.00 cost of Wyze SD card, you will get full video of all events it set it up for. Another benefit in my opinion, and I dont know if compeitors do this, but with an SD card it records a few seconds before motion and after which is awesome!