10 sec motion detection needs to be longer with out paying for it

The 10 sec motion detection is not long enough should be longer not just 10 sec, and most of all we shuoldent have to pay for it


So use a memory card? One time cost and you can record longer than 12 seconds.


that is why you have the sd record in the back ground.

ring motion detection base and Nest records 24.
Get a 32gb sd and from what they say it record for 7 days. Just make sure you tell the camera to do the loop recording.


even if a sd chip like a 2gb that will last like a day. I am using a 2gb and 8gb right now.


The 12 seconds is free. And I have a 32gb SD card in so it continuously records. I can go back and clip any amount of time and save it to my phone. 32gb is plenty big enough to save a substantial amount of footage.


Would also be cool if Wyze just gave out their cameras for free, no shipping fees either. :wink:


where to set loop recording in WYZE app?

I think the 12 sec is Freeto New Camera only for 2 weeks. So SD card is the only way.

But the WYZE app only give you 1 min event or continuous. and nothing in between. like 5 min,10min upto 30min. This a major issue to me other than the free 12 sec.

Also WYZE needs wifi otherwise, it won,t work once it is disconnected.

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That’s not totally true. Yes it only records a minute to the card if no movement is detected. If movement is detected it will record until the movement stops.

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I was checking one event. the recording stopped even the motions still in progress.

I will check again to see if I missed something

look here

I was Incorrect.
I checked a different event and yes it continues to 2 minutes.
I retract my one minute statement.
but often you can see motion continues on screen and got cut off at one minute.

I have a 64G card in mine, no issues. I will say this. You inadvertently just said why they don’t give more then 12 sec for free. It would be too epensive to host the cloud. You know how long the “free” storage is on my $200 Ring? A big fat 0. If up want saved clips you have to pay. Il say that 12 sec clips saved for free is pretty generous for a $25 camera.


How “free” is the Ring and Nest bed clip storage?

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At google 3 hours recording non stop. Nest use to let you record with other software.

At ring it would be the 10 sec. The problem is for me it a twitter cam do to you not seen the whole picture.

Wyze can on sd or on cell phone or rtsp to software.
Wyze also have a cloud service for $1.50

This may help you. Hit the baby blue to read the info

You can record Wyze with other software too though. Aside from the memory card you can also use tinycampro and record using that. Tinycampro also has person and car detection too. I have tinycampro installed on my galaxy S9, that gives me a widget showing my camera on one of my home screens.

I trying to stay local storage then can have a cheaper cable bill. I think mine problem is that I am using low old sd chip and need the 32gb.

A good SD card upfront makes for a happier life later. Use a High Endurance cards and, even though many report using larger, stay with the officially supported 32gb size. Here’s what I use:
High Endurance Cards

Thanks for the info. I never knew about that card.

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What I would like to see is for the event playback to link to the SD card (where installed), so I can see the full video, without having to try and find it manually.

I am new to WYZE but I can answer thus.
During event playback 12 sec. there are 4 icons on bottom. One looks like sd card. click that. and app will goto that particular event.