I have SD Card Question

Is there a cool down with any of these options? Are we still stuck to 12 seconds recording or is all motion saved? Just now put a card in one of mine to try it.


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No… As long as there is motion it will continue to record to the SD card. Here’s a pic of my garage from Playback… much longer than 12 seconds… nearly a full minute.

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Even on record events only? I know right now I am running into some issues with recordings only lasting 12 seconds regardless because I’m having that issue and they are working on it

That is what this camera is set to…

Cool down seems to be active despite sd card being present. Tested twice. The minute I leave the vision on the camera and return nothing is recorded. Stayed in front of camera pacing so there would be motion and there is zero footage of that.

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I can only tell you what I’ve seen, and what is described here:

"Record Events Only breaks the video feed into 1-minute increments. If a motion is detected at any point within a 1-minute increment, that 1-minute increment is recorded to the microSD card. This means that the camera will record continuously when there is motion, and will not record when there is no motion detected.

Just like Continuous recording, this is independent of the 12-second Event Videos that are captured and stored on the cloud for 14 days based on the camera’s motion detection settings.

Recording events only is an excellent way of preserving space on your microSD card."

If something got broken since this was the “rule” then it’s something that needs a support ticket put in.

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You do have it set to record events only not continuous recording FYI

That’s what it shows in his image in the very first post…

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Yeah that’s what I’m saying if you want it to record for longer set it to continuous recording and it will record longer

Why would I record when there is no activity? Why burn out an sd card? The idea is to record all motion not all of nothing happening.


I have all (8 other cams) but the garage cam set to continuous - and have for a year - and I haven’t “burned out” and SD card, ever. Just buy quality SD cards… And at $15 for a 64GB card, I’d rather have access to more data than less.

Sure, the intent of the setting is to only record when motion is detected, but - again, in my experience of a year with these cams - things get don’t always get captured by the trigger software. So for high value areas, like my front porch, I have continuous recording on all the time.


I agree with None. The cameras do miss things from time to time. And with continuous recording you might pick up on something that you would’ve missed. And I have not burned out a SD card yet. They just record over themselves. So to me it doesn’t hurt anything to have continuous recording on.

Just make sure you go with high endurance SD cards that were specifically developed for video recording and you shouldn’t have any problems.


I agree with continuous recording. Events only can miss due to the cooldown but also might trigger on motion you don’t care about and miss motion you do. Also agree with @paindonthurt about High Endurance cards. Not that much more in terms of $ and cheap insurance. They can save you a lot of hard to diagnose problems in the long run.

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The cool down does not apply to SD card recording at all. If you are in Events only, any minute that has an event will be recorded (the entire minute - regardless of when in that minute the event occurred). Obviously if you are set to continuous recording, it will record all the time.

For what it’s worth, I have all 19 of my Wyze cameras set to continuous record. I have had a couple low grade cards fail, but never had a card designed for cameras fail. This is the card I have in almost all of my cameras:

Just make sure to stick with a 32gb instead of 64 as mentioned above. The cameras don’t support anything over 32. Unless they changed it without me hearing.

They only officially support 32 GB. But people have used up to 168 GB cards in the cameras and they work just fine. But again officially Wyze only supports 32 GB.

FWIW- I have a 5-year old, no longer supported Samsung Cam in one of our rooms (very expensive in its day) - it’s had the same SanDisk SD card (records about 3 days) in it all the time with no burnout. Wyze is better. Is SD burnout really a frequent thing? (And, they’re pretty cheap!). All I want is continuous recording with tagged events.

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My 64 seems to be ok so far. First time I try this so we’ll see how it goes.

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I’ve got three cameras running microSD cards 24/7 and I’ve had no burn out. They just record over themselves when they get to the end. And I have not really heard of burn out on microSD cards in Wyze cameras. I’m not saying it’s not happened I’m just saying I have not heard of it.

Wyze authorizes cards up to 32 GB and they suggest that you use extreme or video rated microSD cards. I use SanDisk EXTREME 32gb microSD cards and I’ve had no problems. I’m actually going to try on my next camera that’s coming on Monday to up the gigabytes to 128 GB. People have reported using cards even larger than that. But again Wyze only authorizes 32 GB cards. So if you put in one that’s larger and it does burn up the camera you’re on your own. FYI.