10 sec motion detection needs to be longer with out paying for it

Thanks for that - never noticed it before.

Ring record 12 sec
Nest record for 7 days and photo of tagging.
Wyze record 12 sec or 7 day with a 32gb

in the app it has a tab say view playback and that you see the sd.
In Nest you can see where it tagging. Wyze at is not there and maybe someday it will be add.

For any recording with Ring you have to pay for the cloud service.

Everyone’s already answered this. SD card and you have 24/7 motion detection. There’s literally nothing more Wyze should or needs to do beyond maybe assign more moderators to these freeform forums. It’s a for profit company with the most inexpensive cameras available, not a charitable organization,


if only you could download the already recorded clips 1-to-1 from the device to the pc without having to take out the microSD… if only.

This is why I was really clear and specific and I said “being able to get the recorded data 1-to-1, copied” because I was thinking of a scenario where having a separate device with that much bandwidth running all the time made no sense.

for instance imagine having 50 streams sending data to your computer over rstp (a protocol that has no regransmission, meaning that if you lsot a frame it is basically gone), and the imagine using a firmware that is lagging behind in the implementation of features and fixes.

I have tried rstp before in this hardware and it always freezes and needs to reconnect. audio crackles all the time, etc.

Yeah, this is by no way a solution to accessing the files it already and neatly store in minute blocks. I just want access to those files via the network so I don’t have to climb a stair every couple of days to remove the SD card from every single camera.

I agree! Also Wyze should hand out free money to all their customers

Wow, you really skipped the part where I said bandwidth was an issue and having a separate device was not a possibility and you literally suggested another device? OK. thanks but I am done with this discussion.

OH, I just realized you also skipped the part where I said using rstp was not an option because that firmware version lags behind, but blue iris only works with rstp. So yeah, I can’t kepp up with a discussion where whatever I say is ignored over and over.

The cam cost $20-25. Everything should be free. Including the best health care for everyone who needs it.

Just to exemplify how much of a miss that message was, I never said latency was an issue, I said bandwidth was an issue. I don’t care if the video comes 4 hours later. But hey, you assumed that all by yourself.

And you went on and on about other things that I didn’t say or that i didn’t even care about. I never said 25 was bad, I never said the camera was doing a bad job, I never said anything else. Oh, and on my phone the contact sensors react in less than 1 second. Directly on the app. The notification takes 1 extra second because of how android works.

But anyways, I stand by my decision, this discussion is over for me.

All I did suggest software.

I agree completely! If I have an SD card installed, (which I do) I should be able to record continuously and playback in full motion. Also should be able to playback in 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 not just 1:1 which any wired cam can do effortlessly.

If only this were a wired cam… but it’s not.