Wyze recommended way to save Cam Plus cloud video excerpts

Hi there - In trying to solve another issue, I realize there’s something I don’t fully understand about Cam Plus cloud recording: So I’ve got Cam Plus on a Wyze Cam v3, this comes with 2 weeks of cloud video storage. I’m looking at a chunk of that video that I want to excerpt and save (ultimately to my Mac). What is the Wyze-approved/recommended method for saving that video?

Note I’m NOT talking about an “event” that’s been flagged and captured, I’m just talking about saving maybe a minute or two of footage from the cloud video. Is the only/recommended way to do it to hit “record” in the app as it’s playing the chunk you want? If so, I assume this records it to the SD card in the camera, and if you don’t have an SD card in the camera there is no way to preserve/save a piece of Cloud video?

Is my understanding of this correct? Is there any other way to save a portion of Cloud video?

Would appreciate a little clarification from someone who knows for sure (Wyze support?).

Thanks in advance!

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How can you have a cloud video that is not an event video ? Is the video you want on your events page? If it is on your events page play it until the end then tap the share icon and send it to yourself or the download icon to save it to your phone’s photo/video album.If you are viewing a live event and push record the video is save to your phone/device photo/video album. If you record from playback it is also recorded to your phone/device album. Quick advice, put a good SD card in the V3.

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How can you have a cloud video that is not an event video ?

Cam Plus provides 2 weeks of cloud video - you don’t need to have an event triggered, you can view playback from anywhere in the 14 day timeline. Yes, I do have a good SD card in the camera.

I appreciate the attempt to help, but the question remains; what is Wyze’s recommended way to get an excerpt of that cloud video saved? Is it only through the “record” function, requiring an SD card in the camera, or is there some other way they envision this working? If anyone actually knows the answer to this I’d love to hear it.


Yes I know how it works, I have a V3 set for event recording during the day and continuous recording at night. The only way you will get an excerpt from a video is recording from the SD playback.

Some misconceptions here, I think. Cam Plus doesn’t save 2 weeks of continuous video to the cloud. How are you accessing this video? Through the ‘Playback’ button? If so, you are watching the video that has been saved to the SD card.

To get 2 weeks of continuous video on a SD card, you’d need a 64GB or larger card. Are you sure you have a full 2 weeks?

To answer your original question, you would press the record button to save a clip from the continuous recording on the SD card to your local device, then use AirDrop to get it from your device to your Mac.

If you are instead in an event clip, then you can more directly access AirDrop by touching the clip and then using the box with an arrow in it’s upper-right corner. That will allow you to ship the clip directly to the Mac via AirDrop. But only available in recorded Events ATM

Also, Wyze support doesn’t have a presence here; we are just a bunch of fellow users like yourself.


Well we get 14 days of cloud storage, all the I fo I find stats Everyone gets 14 days of free cloud storage, then it’s gone, so what we do even day is review the event log,and deleat what we don’t want and if theres a even then we save it

Yes, everyone gets 14 days of free cloud storage, but for event clips, not continuous recording. Continuous recording comes from the SD card, and is typically limited to a few days before it is overwritten.

This is the OP original post, same issue

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Thank you Newshound! That actually clarifies some things and is new info for me. Makes sense that it’s 2 weeks of clips. This connection between Cam Plus and internal card is a little confusing as is the difference between detected events and continuous recording. What you’re saying helps.

So looks like I’m doing the correct steps to save a video - and you confirm my understanding of that and saving clips (via Airdrop) - exactly as I’ve been doing it.

So now that I understand that I’ll get back to my original issue in another thread with clips only giving me partial frames of the full video (haven’t solved that one yet).

Understood about Wyze support - thanks for clarifying…

Appreciate you understanding my post and offering clear explanation!

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“Cloud storage” (camplus, free cloud, anything in the event tab really) and “local storage” (sd card in camera) are seperate and completely Independant of eachother. Settings from one do not effect the other. You can have one, both or neither at anytime. Think of it as two seperate entities and functions.

Technically there is a third way of recording, the record button you referenced earlier. This saves either the live view or playback (sd card) coverage you are watching or reviewing in real time to your device storage.

Late addition/edit:

Both local storage and cloud storage have their own “event recording” that works each a little different. Camplus records a clip that is for the duration of the motion detection. Motion stops, clip is uploaded to the cloud and is accessable in the event tab. When local storage has event recording enabled and a.motion event is detected, the full minute where motion is detected is saved to the card. If motion is from :25 to :35 seconds on the watch then :00 to :59 will be saved to your card and accessable via the playback button in live view. If motion goes over into the next minute mark, the full next minute will be saved.


Don T. Handel

I have 32gb SD cards in my cameras. I can get well over 2 weeks of continuous video 24x7 if I set video camera quality down to SD rather than HD.

Well, people should be able to get at least 7-8 days continuous with a 32GB card on a cam in SD mode. They will get more if they are only recording events, but if they are only recording events, then they run the risk of missing footage they may find they later need: