Playback 2+ weeks

I have a Wyze Cam set up in my storage room. I need to go back and view footage, but nothing seems to exists through the App further than 2-weeks ago. I have a 16GB card and it’s about 90% full. I have it set to only record events when there is motion. Is this a limitation of the App and is my other footage on the card? Is it that I can only view Cloud footage up to 2-weeks and need to access to card for more?

The cloud footage (the event tab) is only available for 2 weeks. The SD videos, available in ‘view playback’ are there until the card starts to write over.


Are you looking under “playback” for the sd card footage? That’s a different location than your cloud clips, which are under the event tab in the app. You didn’t mention how many events or for often event clips are saved. But a 16 gig card can record about 1 day of continuous footage when it’s set to hd. So if you are events only to sd card, it’ll last as long as the events saved equal the one day if continuous. Say you get only 5 mins of clips to SD card a day, then it’ll last a long time, but if you get about 12 hours of event videos to SD card,it’ll last about two days.

Okay, that’s what I was hoping and I wasn’t sure and I’m not near the camera at the moment. Thanks for the help.

Reference material for continuous recording from the Support site.