Deleting multiple events

I have my camera to record sound & motion average sensitivity and get a lot of recorded events. I delete these one at a time and was wondering if there is a way to delete all easily when I have too many to save… they are the 12 second videos. I t also would be nice to record more than 12 second events and have those saved to my internal card…instead without continuous recording

Your can record as many motion-triggered ‘events’ to your internal SDcard as you want (select “Record events only” instead of “Continuous recording”). Each will last as long as ‘motion’ is detected, in increments of 1 minute.

Thanks I will check it out, it should also cut down on how many events I have to delete

On the events page, at the top right , tap on the file menu , 3 dots , then select delete events at the bottom, then you can select as many events as you want and then hit delete to delete all of them all at once

Thanks I will try that …

Also on events triggered to SIM card is the default 12 seconds the default if only a short trigger is found? Seems 12 seconds is a default for Cloud & recording locally and can’t be changed…

When motion or sound is detected it records 12 seconds to the cloud the SD card recording is separate from that , which can be set to continuous or events only.

More info

For ‘motion’ events that trigger a recording to the microSD card (not “SIM card”), 12 seconds is not the default. The 12 second limit applies only to recordings sent to WyzeCloud. Motion events saved to SDcard are in increments of 1 minute. If a short ‘motion’ event is detected, a 1-minute long video will be saved locally. If the motion continues, the next minute of video will be saved. And so on. As a result, an SDcard recording (in “Record events only” mode) can be several minutes long (or more) if motion continues to be detected. But a short isolated motion event will get you a 1-minute long video on the SDcard.

There’s an exception to this. If the motion event that triggers a local events-only recording occurs at the ‘top of the clock’, you can get a 2-minute long video on the SDcard. For example, if a short motion event occurs between 10:30:55 and 10:31:05, the camera will save a 2-minute video clip lasting from 10:30:00 to 10:32:00. Under the covers, it’s saving the interval 10:30:00 to 10:31:00 since there was some motion detected during the interval, and saves 10:31:00 to 10:32:00 since there was motion detected in that interval.

There’s a curious side effect to this design. Let’s say a short motion event occurs from 10:30:45 to 10:30:55. The video clip on the SDcard will run from 10:30:00 to 10:31:00. Like magic, the camera recorded video even before it was triggered. When you play back the clip, you’ll have to keep watching for 45 seconds before the event that was detected appears. That can be disconcerting, until you figure out what’s going on.

Thanks that cleared it up for me I was not seeing any recordings on my SD card for awhile but it’s working…

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Why do you think you need to delete the events from the cloud? They will go away automagically in 14 days if you do nothing. There is normally no real need to delete them.

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Good point and you can tell what clips you have viewed , after you have viewed a clip the text will no longer be bold.
Some people like to delete them to reduce the clutter

Exactly and I was not seeing my images from my SD card… It would be nice to have a feature to toggle on or off Cloud saving.

If you want to set your SD card to continuous you can turn off motion and sound detection then you will not get event clips sent to the cloud but, you will still be able to tap on playback and see the video on SD card

Where can I choose “Record events only” instead of “Continuous recording”? I don’t see those options anywhere.

Hello @rwarburton and welcome to the community. You will find that setting under advanced settings… local storage… then you can toggle between continuous and events only

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^^ Note that those options are hidden unless you have inserted a microSD card in the camera.


Good luck … ALL of my cameras eat SD cards. I have 4 …32g that are useless.