Battery cam pro sd card recording length

Trying to extend the sd recording from 12s to a minute. The app pushes me to a subscription to extend this recording length. I’m trying local storage only, don’t need or want another subscription service. Anyway around this?

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I think you’re looking at the “Events” page which is 100% for cloud events, not the SD card. If you want to view the SD card events, you can find them by opening the Livestream, then clicking on the icont that says “SD card” which will pull up a timeline of events and let you scroll through them there.

Make sure you have turned on the SD card recordings in the Settings options first.

Yes, that is the way you are supposed to view what event is recorded on SD card. I tried that and after 11 hours of waiting for the 12 second clip to display, I gave up. The camera is 46 feet from the access point. Live view works. Next?

Recording to as has two options event recording and continuous recording. Given it’s a battery powered camera, continuos recording would be a killer. That leaves event recording only. The only location where event recording has a duration setting is in the event recording section which you are referring to as cloud recording. The event recording tab seems to be identical for cloud vs local recording, and has limitations tied to cloud usage, which I am not interested in… why else have a camera with local storage.

Bottom line, if the event recording page is tied to cloud usage as you suggest, then there is a missing page for local recording detection and duration settings.

Did you find anything? It’s nuts that in a ‘pro’ camera that there is this limitation

Yep… Wyze has decided to squeeze you for more money to use local storage without limitations.

It sort of forces me to wire them which isn’t that hard and at least I get 24/7 recording but then I don’t need the battery model. I ordered some v4s and will test and see which go back. I do like the look of the battery cam and black matches my house where v4 color doesn’t. Craz they need to cripple a decent product, I’m pretty good with them otherwise.