Disappointment in recording limitations

Unfortunately, I think that I have reached the end of the road with Wyze. I have had nothing but frustration since purchasing my Battery Cam Pro cameras (releasing cameras while in an unfinished state, recording limitations, generally poor app → device functionality)

To hopefully save someone else at least part of the latest headache that I have experienced. Apparently, no matter the size of your SD card if you use event only recording, even with local storage (sd card), due to an artificial software limitation, you can only record a maximum of two weeks. To get more than two weeks, you would have to do continuous recording and filter manually by watching the footage to review anything… frankly I am ready to chuck the $350+ worth of equipment that I have purchased in the garbage and call it a win just to not have to deal with this EA level of artificial monetization…


Can you elaborate on how you are certain that events-only recording (on an SD card) is limited to 2 weeks? It doesn’t work like that on any other Wyze camera, and I would’ve expected them to just copy over the same code from the other cams. So, if it is doing this, I would expect that it is an unintended bug. Are you looking at the Events tab by chance, instead of the playback area? If that is the case, then it would make sense, because the Events tab is always limited to 2 weeks (everything in there are only cloud events and not related to the SD card), but If you look in a different location, the SD card timeline itself still has longer than 2 weeks on the playback area, which is a totally separate location.

Do you have Cam Plus as well, or just the SD card?

Just asking some clarification questions before I take the next 2+ weeks trying to replicate the bug you are talking about.


The SD Card will record until it is full and not 2 weeks. The Cloud Events will remain for 2 weeks only. I am curious if you were looking at the event tab? If you were, that is Cloud Storage and not the SD Card.