Why are we limited to 12 seconds with a microSD card installed?

I have other Wyze cameras that do not limit me, but I just purchased the new battery cam pro and they are forcing you to buy Cam+ in order to record a video longer than 12 seconds even if you have a microSD card installed. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Who possibly thought this was a good idea?? It’s not disclosed anywhere on the store page, either. I just checked. I have several Wyze products and up until now have supported the company, but it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE to artificially limit the BASIC FUNCTIONALITY of a product just so you can get monthly subscription money!!



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first of all, welcome to the user forum.

uSD card recording and cloud based event recording are completely separate. Without a CamPlus subscription, cloud based event recordings are limited to either snapshots or 12 second videos with CamPlus lite. uSD card recordings are not and never have been limited to 12 seconds - ever.

The battery powered cameras are a bit different and I can’t tell you how because I don’t have any (and you could not give me one, BTW).

I see you tagged this post with battery-cam-pro, so I am going to assume that you are talking about the brand new BCP. In that case, at this time, it does not support uSD card recording at all - that is a coming feature enhancement. As I understand it, the uSD card functionality was not ready at the time the camera was released last week. That fact was well communicated in the initial listing for the camera.

So, once the BCP gets the future uSD card recording capability, it will have local recording capability.

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Thank you. That makes me feel better. I will wait for the functionality to be unlocked.

BTW, the microSD card was recognized by the camera and is visible in the Advanced Settings section, hence the frustration.

From the BCP webpage:

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