Why do we only get 12 seconds? And what exactly do we get with the subscription using Wyse Outdoor?

The question is in the title

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  1. Because that is as much Amazon storage as Wyze is willing to pay for, and it’s still better than others with 5 second limits.

  2. Nothing right now, as far as I know, since CamPlus subscription is not yet available for WCO.

It is much much less than other offer. Like Digoo , P6SLite, and V380 cameras. Besides, since there is an SD card that argument is bogus. Don’t need Amazon storage for that. It is just a bait and switch where they don’t tell you that you will be limited to 12 seconds, then offer (or not in this case) to let you pay for more. This is not Wyse, this is stupid.


Whatever makes you happy. Wyze’s 12 second limit is for “cloud” recordings on their Amazon servers, 5 minutes apart for 14 days. Wyze offers unlimited free storage and 24/7 recording to your local SD card with no restrictions.

If you pay them $1.50 they give you unlimited motion detection cloud storage.

Edit: last two do not yet apply to WCO at present. The WCO can do recordings spaced 1 minute apart.

Nothing bogus. No bait and switch. Read things before you buy.

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The subscription will get you nothing right now. It doesn’t work with the Outdoor cam.

12 secs is all you get because Wyze is trying to save batteries.

Once they get the subscription to work with the Outdoor cam, you can bet that battery life will quickly drain.

The box in the store said nothing about 12 second limit. The instructions in the box say nothing about the 12 second limit and there is nothing up front on the web page. You have to dig or in my case just find out the hard way. Fraud lite.

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Fair enough, so, return the product.

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Big hassel and all that is needed is software that gives the user the option. They could fix this tomorrow but want that subscription money that they can’t even get rolling.

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Fix what? The 12 second cloud limitation?
Yes it could be fixed but not for free. Server space isn’t free.

It isn’t just a cloud limitation it limits storage to the SD card as well. No good reason to do that and it should and easily could be the user’s decision. That would be free. It is bad design clearly.

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No. It doesn’t. Record as much as you want.

Still not sure if you are talking entirely about the V2, the WCO, or both, though. The features, options, and policies are surprisingly different.

As @Customer said, there is no time limitation on the SD card. Did you read thst somewhere?

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No I didn’t, I experienced it. If you have the WCO I dare you to try to record more than 12 seconds based on motion. You can’t because you can’t.

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They plan to add that functionality in a future update.

Did you not know that the motion detection on the WCO is limited to 12 seconds? Not surprising since it is poorly advertised or rather hidden unless you experience it or dig into the fine print. Sorry, but this is deceit in my opinion.

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Too bad it didn’t mention that on the box. Too bad “maybe” and “sometime” isn’t what my expectation was. To bad they had to intentionally limit it to 12 seconds even going to sd storage. You should see clearly that this was a bait and switch. "Get this camera, and oh yah, pay us $15 so you can actually record something longer than 12 seconds. Well, actually maybe someday you can pay us $15 and record more than 12 seconds, but not yet, just someday.

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No. It’s on the main product page, right up front.

There is a lot about the WCO that is inexplicable or just plain sucks. It doesn’t seem like a very attractive product to me at all. But your complaints are invalid.

I can see how you might come to that conclusion but that is an incorrect assumption. Motion events to the SD card was an intended feature for the release but was temporarily disabled to address some bugs.

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Unfortunately is says it nowhere on the box, and nowhere in the instructions in the box and nowhere on the display in the store. I bought it at Home Depot. Yes, if I had found that page. Here what it says on the Features web page, see it there? NO you don’t.

Stand up to any weather

IP65 weather-resistant. Bring on the downpours, blizzards, and heatwaves— Wyze Cam Outdoor is built from the ground-up to be a workhorse in even the harshest conditions.

Go where wires can’t

Wire-free & battery powered. Mount to the outside of your home or in your trees without running wire or searching for outlets. 2x-2,600 mAh integrated rechargeable batteries last from 3-6 months based on normal usage. *Normal usage is 10-20 event videos per day. Battery-life varies based on settings, temperature, and usage.

Seize the day. Illuminate the night

1080P Full HD with Night Vision. Crisp video recording and live streaming with 25 ft, yard-illuminating night vision let you see every detail on a face or whisker on a snout.

See who’s coming and going

PIR motion detection. Capture people and animals with 12-second motion-activated video recordings saved automatically to the cloud for 14-days free. Motion detection senses body heat using passive infrared (PIR) which reduces false alerts from waving branches.

Cover every corner of your home

Low profile base station. Connect up to 4 cameras to a single base station and view all video streams in the Wyze app. The starter bundle includes Base Station. (Additional cameras sold separately and available at general launch.)

Respond in real time

Two-way audio. Ask the delivery person to hide a package behind the bushes or scare off unwanted guests in your yard using Wyze Cam Outdoor’s built-in speaker and microphone.

Capture the world

Offline video recording. Staying at a hotel or backpacking in the Rockies? Travel Mode records motion & time-lapse videos locally to a MicroSD card for when you’re without an internet connection or base station.

Here is what is says on the specs page, see it there? No you don’t


Mounting method

Camera mounts to base via magnets. Base mounts to walls or ceilings w/ screws.

Camera is compatible with 3rd party 1⁄4” — 20 mount

Power method

Battery powered


Supports up to 32GB

Item dimension

2.3 inch x 2.3 inch x 2.8 inch

Item weight

9.8 ounces






Battery spec

2x 2,600 mAh/7.4V rechargeable batteries

Battery life

3-6 months of battery life with normal use


Operating temperature

Operating: -4℉ - 120℉

IP Rating




1920x1080 (1080p)

Field of view


Night vision LEDs

8*850nm LEDs

Night vision distance

Up to 25 feet

Camera lens aperture


Camera focal length


Frames per second

Day time video 20 FPS

Night-time video 10 FPS


8x digital

Video streaming

One base station supports up to 4 cameras

Local storage

Local storage

MicroSD card slot on camera and base station

Base station

Interface port

Fast ethernet (10/100)

Wireless protocol

802.11 b/g/n



Wireless security protocol


SD card slot

Up to 32GB




Oh really? And how do you know that? And who do I talk to if it never happens?