Is Wyze trying to put the "squeeze" on it's customers?

I bought a 128GB Micro SDXC flash memory card for my Wyze cam Outdoor V2 (I think). Anyway, I was under the impression that since I installed a Micro SDXC memory card that anytime motion was detected that video would be saved directly to this memory card until motion stops. But I get the creepy feeling that it’s still only going to record for 12 seconds, upload to the cloud, and then stop recording for the cooldown (shortest cooldown time offered is 1 minute, which I selected).
The only way to truly get any video worth having would be to set the camera to record continuously to the SDXC memory card if I needed proof of a crime.
Or am I mistaken in the way this functionality works. If I am, how long does motion have to be “absent” from the camera lens once recording is triggered via the initial motion detection before the recording stops?
I can’t be second guessing things here. I need to understand how this works before a crime takes place.
Thanks for reading!

Yes, you are mistaken. If the camera is set to record events only to the uSD card, any minute that has an event trigger will be saved to the card. If the event continues into the next minute, that next minute will also be saved to the uSD card. If there are no events within a clock minute, that minute will not be recorded. If the camera is set to continuous recording, all minutes will be saved. In all cases the recordings to the uSD card are one minute files.


Okay, that sounds like a decent deal then. I was paranoid about Wyze putting out “bait” products to lure you into the monthly fee’s. Thank You for setting my mind at ease.

After reading your response I would then recommend this product, the Wyze Outdoor cam as a good value . And I do not regret my purchases.

I had not caught that this was the battery powered Outdoor camera. It’s different, but I can’t tell you details on it as I don’t have any. The battery powered Outdoor Camera is rather crippled in order to preserve battery life. The description I gave above relates to the powered cameras. Hopefully someone who knows the battery powered outdoor cameras will jump in with details on those cameras and recording to uSD card.

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I looked into the settings and found a feature called “Smart Detection”. The ONLY FREE CHOICE on this setting is detecting humans. Not vehicles, not pets, not falling tree. I think I’m gonna take a hammer and smash these cameras into a million pieces. They are WORTHLESS unless you pay more money (let Wyze dig both hands DEEP into both of your pockets and steal monthly for a service I dont NEED) for something they should ALREADY be doing for the price I ALREADY PAID!

It’s no WONDER I have not had any alerts on these XXXXX cameras all day. Because it’s anything BUT seeing humans outside on the public street. WOW!

I guess i’m now stuck with the only “free” option I have and that is to just record constantly onto the SDXC stick until it fills up. And then erase it and start all over. What a joke!

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The Wyze cam Outdoor cam is a ‘live’ product. In order to save battery power, it lies in wait until something trips its heat sensor (PIR sensor). Then it wakes, and takes a video of what is in front of it.

Do you have Cam Plus Lite?

Continuous SD card recording is not an option on a battery-powered cam like the Cam Outdoor V2 you tagged. You need a wired cam for continuous recording. Also, continuous SD card recording does not fill up a card on those cameras – it will overwrite the oldest files first (it does get full, but it doesn’t stop recording).


The problem I have believing what you are telling me is that the “Smart Detection” feature can be turned on for a “Person” in the Wyze software app on a per camera basis. It cannot be turned on for “Pets” or “Vehicle” detection on either of my Wyze Outdoor cameras.

So, it sounds like you’re telling me it’s not an option because it’s battery-powered. If detecting pets and vehicles is offered under the “Smart Detection” settings but I can’t “flick the switches” to the on position in the software, what does that mean?

It looks to me like they’re being restricted behind a paywall.

The basic “Pay Wall” Subscription plans currently in place for Wyze Cams are generally as follows:

No Subscription:

  • Thumbnail Uploads Only to Cloud Storage (select cams, like the doorbells, get 12s video upload)
  • 5 minute “Cooldown” lockout time out between video uploads
  • No AI detection (Person\Pet\Vehicle\Package)

Cam Plus Lite: (you set the price you want to pay, can be free if you enter $0.00. Not compatible with all cams)

  • 12 second Uploads Only to Cloud Storage
  • 5 minute “Cooldown” lockout time out between video uploads
  • Person AI detection, No Pet\Vehicle\Package

Cam Plus: (monthly or annual subscription)

  • Full length Video Uploads Only to Cloud Storage
  • No “Cooldown” lockout time out between video uploads… Back to back uploads.
  • Full AI detection (Person\Pet\Vehicle\Package)

All cloud uploads are saved for 14 days. SD Card recording is generally not restricted by subscription level, however the WCO Cams do not record continuously and there are differences to use of the card on the Base Station when on a subscription.

As previously stated, the Wyze Cams Outdoor (V1 and V2) are a special breed with different specs than all the other cams because of their battery saving features and PIR sensor activation. They react differently than the non-battery cams so there are slight differences in how they operate on these three tiers. Examples are the ability to set video recording length, scheduled recording, variable cooldown, etc. These are not features of the non-battery cams. I do not operate battery powered WCO, so I can only go off of what I have read here in the forum. However, if you read threads tagged #cam-outdoor or #cam-outdoor-v2 (hashtags are hyperlinks to click), you may get a better picture of the capabilities and limitations of the WCO cams.

As mentioned, The V3Pro is currently the only cam that possesses on-board simple Person Detection EdgeAI. No other cam has this. It pairs with the subscription based cloud supplied WyzeAI for the full strength Person Detection AI. All other cams rely on the cloud exclusively for their AI Detection capabilities.

It is also possible that you have the capability to select for AI because your cam is new. Most new cams are installed with a complimentary 30 day subscription to Cam Plus with full feature capability. I can’t confirm if the WCO does though. If so, that 30 day subscription will automatically renew and bill your CC at the end of the 30 days if not cancelled prior to expiration.

If you are not on a subscription, and the toggles are active, clicking them likely results in a Cam Plus popup ad. This is indicating that you are selecting a premium feature that requires a subscription that is behind a “Pay Wall”.


I can’t believe it’s so hard to figure out how a simple camera works. My question now is this. Does the fact that I can select only “Person” detection mean that the camera will not trigger on the motion of vehicles or pets? If so, that’s utterly ridiculous. I haven’t gotten a single event on this Wyze Outdoor cam since I’ve set it up outside. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it.

If you could provide more details on where the camera is set up. Maybe post a picture of what the camera sees and also a screenshot of the Detection Settings screen that shows the PIR zone. Keep in mind that the camera can only reliably detect motion out to about 25 feet.

Full disclosure, almost all of my cameras (wired and WCOs) are covered by the Cam Plus annual subscription.

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That’s the rub about these cameras isnt it? Sell a product that is so crippled that customers have no choice but to subscribe to get the actual functionality that does any good.

25 feet out is more than enough. I literally have a camera pointing out across my driveway to the street. It’s not more than 25 feet away.

I believe a V3 camera will provide you with just what you want, especially with CamPlus Lite. And without paying for a subscription. Check it out.


The V3 would be a far better choice unless you absolutely NEED battery power. And then you have to live with the limitation of the battery powered camera.
Here is a screen capture of a group showing four of my front yard V3 cameras. Granted, the two low cameras (right two in the image) are kinda staring into the morning sun and through a window, so a bit of sun glare this time of day.

And here is where those four cameras are located. 34 - Yard < Upper eve is the red arrow, 33 - Parking < Lower eves is the yellow arrow (hidden by the flag pole from this angle), 28 - Bay Windows East is the green arrow, and 23 - Bay Window SE is the blue arrow. The eve cameras are under the eves and the bay window cameras are inside with the front of the camera pressed up against the double pane glass.

BTW, I should point out that the image I showed of the group was first of all, a group image on my phone screen and then I reduced the size to 33% before uploading it to the forum to keep the size down here on the forum. The image quality of a single image is far better than seen in that group screen capture.


I don’t believe that CamPlus Lite is offered with V3 camera purchases anymore. At least that was the case when I tried to select it with my V3 purchase several months ago. I’d love to be wrong about that!

Everybody keeps telling me that the reason the Wyze Outdoor cam doesn’t detect pets and vehicles is to conserve battery power but the fact is IF I paid for a full subscription to the Wyze people they would let me turn these switches on in “Smart Detection”. Is that right or not?

If so, then it’s just about money, not about battery power. Furthermore, Wyze themselves sell a solar panel that could be attached to a Wyze Outdoor camera making the point even further irrelevant.

The bottom line is money.
EDIT: I boosted the “Image Sensitivity” on the camera settings from 50 to 100 so I’ll see if that get’s me any event recordings. So far, I have received none.

Cam Plus Lite is still available and can be assigned to the V3. It was never offered as a trial on new cams. Cam Plus used to be a 14 day trial on the cam, however Wyze has transitioned to a 30 day server based auto renew trial of Cam Plus. In order to assign a V3 to Cam Plus Lite, it must be unassigned from any other subscription (Cam Plus) before it will show as available in the Cam Plus Lite selection menu. If it is on a Trial Cam Plus Subscription that isn’t showing in your Services Tab, that subscription must be cancelled or expire to release the cam as available to assign to Cam Plus Lite.

Cam Plus Lite is incompatible with the Doorbells, V3Pro, PanV3, and OG Cams


That is not correct. The cam only records when motion is detected by the PIR. Then it goes back into sleep mode. That is the battery saving feature.

What events the cam uploads to the cloud depend on your settings in the Event Recording tab and Scheduling. If you have your Event Recording set to record all motion events, it doesn’t matter what moves, it is all recorded and uploaded. The Smart Detection settings are in addition to recording all events so that the server then tags those AI events and sends you a notification of that AI event if you have your notification settings appropriately set. What events produce a push notification are also dependant on your settings.

To my knowledge, Person Detection isn’t available without a subscription on that cam. The other varieties of Smart Detection AI require Cam Plus.



It offends me that you’re not getting paid for this stuff.

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I’m just getting ahead on my future Community Service hours I will need the next time I go nuts.


Wyze putting the squeeze on the v1 (it’s losing them money!!)


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