12 second videos only with cam plus and SD card installed remains empty

Title says it all. Battery Pro stops at 11 or 12 seconds even with cam plus added and the SD card i have installed isn’t recording anything nor is there a way to access it. I just see the free space remains unchanged.

Use of the SD card in that camera is not available yet.

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That explains that. Now I just need to sort out the short cloud recordings and the solar panel issues.

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I can’t help with those issues since I do not have that cam.

Appreciate the reply on the SD card though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Go to the Camera settings, Event Recording, there you can set your maximum video length up to 5 minutes.

What’s the Solar Panel issue?

Yes. I have had it set to 2 minutes but I see no more than 12 seconds even with active motion in the 12 second video. As for the solar panel there is nothing to indicate it is actually charging the battery so it’s either working and just slowing the rate of discharge because it can’t keep up with battery use or it’s not working at all.

one more edit… I tried removing cam plus and restarting the camera then adding cam plus back and now I am seeing cloud videos over 12 seconds. Important to note that removing cam plus resets both the recording cooldown and the video length settings so make sure to set them again if anyone else needs to try this fix. I’m going to keep an eye on it but maybe that did the trick we’ll see.

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This was going to be my suggestion.

You are right I never noticed there was no battery indicator on the WCOP, hmmm I haven’t looked but I am sure this indicated somewhere. As the WCO V1 and V2 have this. I have a solar panel on mine and the battery has yet to die, so I would infer it is working this far. In fact mine just says Battery Not inserted ono percentage or anything.

Update: It’s up 10% so far today with the camera off. Still no charge indicator but it’s doing something. Power demands where I have it are too much is all.

I have a feeling that it is actually charging but not showing the indicator at all. Today I have the camera turned off and it is sunny out so I am going to test and see if the battery goes up during the day while it’s off. I do have it in a spot that there is a lot of activity so I think it probably can’t keep up with the amount of use it’s getting which would be understandable. I really only need it running at night anyway so I may just schedule it to turn off during the day and back in at night with some other tweaks to settings it may be able to sort of stay charged that way assuming the panel is actually trickle charging it during the day.

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I will say that even though the camer can record longer than 12 seconds and I have seen a few clips around 20 seconds it still has issues and at this point I think a 5 minute recording is near impossible. This was a good test of close by continuous motion and yet still it cuts the recording over and over with most clips 11 seconds.