CAM PAN recording 12 seconds

I have purchased the license for cam pan, but still it records only 12 seconds. I contacted support, but no solution. DID all trouble shooting too.

Is the camplus license assigned to the camera? Check Account/ Services from the app. Screen shots will help if you have any questions on things. What troubleshooting did you do? Just wondering so you don’t have to get asked multiple times in here to do it all again.

Best is to provide as much pertinent information up front when seeking help In here so that the community may assist with a more direct help than redo stuff you have already done. Thanks in advance!

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Yes camplus license. I deleted the license and assigned again and Activated. I did factory reset as advice by wyze tech. They asked me to submit a lot, but no response from them and no solution from them. On the screen it says please purchase camplus license to record more than 2 sec, but I have it

Have you assigned the subscription license to that specific camera?

If not, here’s how:

  1. Tap Account , then Services .
  2. Tap Cam Plus > Edit .
  3. Add a checkmark next to the device you want Cam Plus on.
  4. Tap Activate .

I tried all this, but it didn’t helped

After you go through the steps, do the checkboxes show checks on the desired cameras?

Yes it shows check mark on desire caméra

It should record longer than 12sec if the camera see movement nonstop it should record,I just went in front of my test cameras,V2,V3,PTZ…and I waved both my hands for 30 seconds then I stopped and moved out of view of them,if you have not do a hard power cycle on your camera then go do the test I did and see what you get.

The test which you did even I tried Same thing, but still it record’s only for 12 seconds

Taking another look at your screenshot from above, it says that the video you are displaying is a "smart video alert ". What do you have set up to trigger this recording? Cam plus only applies to videos that the camera itself is triggering to motion, the smart video alerts will still do the 12 second cloud clip because it is rule driven, not the camera itself detecting motion. It looks like you have a rule set up to save a “short clip to the cloud” with this camera. Can you provide more information on how this camera and the rules you have in place are set up?

Event Recording has been set for ALL Day to detect motion and Sound. i believe smart videos use to records more than 12 seconds and that is the reason it is asking me to buy cam plus, which I have already purchased.

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Do two issues here and I’ll touch on both.

  1. “Smart video alert”

Again, how do you have this triggered? Sense sensors? Another camera?

  1. Do you want the pan cam to record its own videos?

You mentioned:

This is different than the rules and smart video alerts. What are your other settings on this camera?, detection zone? Sensitivity settings? Can you provide a picture of your event tab showing all your recent cloud videos? Also if you can provide screenshots of your different settings pages, maybe fresh eyes on those can see something that’s a miss.


My cameras are also doing this but it’s 12 second videos for sound , everything else records normally and it’s on all the cameras I have ! Pan Cam , V2 and V3 . I ended up buying micro SD cards to be safe.

Turn the sensitive down or don’t re order sound,we don’t do sound

Thank you for an informative response ! I did not know the 12 second video was a bug .