Cam Plus subscription doesnt do more then 12 seconds

I am subscribed to camplus. Recently I have noticed that when i govview the video the are only 12 weconds not longer even though there is still motion going on. Before used to have longer clips but now its no mote then 12 seconds.

I have tried uninstall reinstall app, unassign the cam in camplus and then reassign. Have no clue what went wrong and what i can do to get this working again. Thisnis frustrating rhat it has sropped working on recording longet videos like before.

What type of camera? My pan cams have this issue too, which I reported.

For me its 7, v2 cameras and 1, v1 pan cam. All 8 doing same thing never record more then 12 seconds.

Have you submitted an issue log/ticket and contacted support?